Review: B. B. Radiant Eye Cream

B. B. Radiant Eye Cream

Happy Wednesday, today I want to review an eye cream I’ve been using for a little while: the B. B. Radiant Eye Cream, which is sold exclusively in Superdrug. B. as a brand has been around for some time, but in the past couple of years they revamped their packaging and marketing, and it’s made them stand out a lot more for me. I previously owned one of their eyeshadow quads which I talked about in my Products I’m Passing On – August 2018 post. Don’t let the title of the post fool you though, I don’t think this brand is all bad, as I keep buying more of their products to try and review. This eye cream retails at £9.99 at full price, but I do see this brand involved in various offers and sales so that’s worth keeping an eye out for.

Off the bat, this is a brand that I want to continue to look into as they are a cruelty-free brand. The brand also claims to be entirely vegan-friendly as well, so if you’re curious about their entire line-up of products, check out Superdrug’s page for them here.

Back to the eye cream itself, I picked this up while looking for another eye cream product to try, as my choices at the time were extremely limited, with many I’ve tried and reviewed before. B. categorises their skincare into different age groups, with phases 1 through 4 and makeup removers. Phase 1 is for people in their late 20s and early 30s, which is my age group, but they didn’t have an eye cream for that line. So I looked one age group ahead to phase 2 which is for people in their late 30s.

On the front of the box, the product claims to:

“Helps to refresh tired-looking eyes by firming and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

As someone who’s nearly in their mid-twenties, my major eye-related skincare issues are dark circles and tension, as I struggle with chronic insomnia and sleep-related issues. The climate in the UK can also be a bit strange where some days it’s very humid, and other days drier. This can make my skin – and my eyes included – to feel a bit strained, confused and a bit out of sorts, so I gravitated to this product because of the claims of being “refreshing”. I don’t really have fine lines or wrinkles yet aside from the natural creases when you look around, so I’m not worried about this issue yet.

B. B. Radiant Eye Cream

The claims continue on the back of the box as well, so I want to list these for you as well:

Skin Phase 2. Solutions from your late 30s to help reduce visible effects of ageing.

Use. B. Radiant Eye Cream for an intense clinically proven treat for your eyes.

The benefits:

Anti-fatigue – Olive leaf and Jujube seed extracts to de-stress skin whilst Niacinamide helps boost radiance.

12hr time release hydration – Significantly increases hydration by 14% after just one day’s wear. Hyaluronic Acid helps lock in moisture and plump the skin.

Brightens – Live Yeast Extract helps reduce the appearance of tiredness and puffiness leaving your eye area feeling firmer and more youthful.

Firms and soothes – High levels of Tetrapeptide helps to restore elasticity. Measurably reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 4 weeks.”

This is a lot to digest, so I’ll address the benefits section one at a time in terms of my experiences. To start, I use this as a night time eye cream, although when my day time eye cream runs out (whenever that ends up being) I plan to use this as a day and night eye cream. So for this review, I’m going to be talking purely from the perspective of using this at night time at the end of my day.

As far as anti-fatigue goes, I find that using makeup removers can make my under eyes feeling a little bit strained and over-dried. So when I apply this on my eyes and under-eye area, I do notice an immediate relief although the slightly dry texture doesn’t change immediately. I don’t really notice an obvious difference to the hydration levels, but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t over-hydrate and cause clogging in my skin either, so take of that what you will.

Because I use this as a night time eye cream, I haven’t noticed any obvious brightening of my skin, but it does help the texture of the skin on my under eyes be smoother and softer for longer before signs of irritation and dryness set in. My dark circles are a bit of an obstacle to tackle – as I mentioned earlier, I’ve had sleeping issues including insomnia for years – so my dark circles aren’t something that’s going to be easily dealt with, either with skincare or makeup. I accept that only restful sleep will make a major difference, so I don’t fault this product for not doing much for my dark circles.

The last claim addresses fine lines and wrinkles, which I don’t feel like I’m in a position to talk about. Like I said earlier, I’m just shy of my early twenties, so fine lines and wrinkles are something I’m not really tackling yet. I sure get paranoid at times about them, but if I’m being fair with myself, we all have lines where the skin moves and are the same as fine lines and wrinkles – it’s just how are skin shows us it’s flexibility.

B. B. Radiant Eye Cream

While I’ve talked about my experiences of the effects of this eye cream, what I think makes this product ideal for me is the formula. To call this an eye ‘cream’ is a tad misleading, as it’s more like a gel with a conventional cream colour, and spreads over the skin like a gel. The small swatch I used for this photo smoothed entirely over the back of my hand, which is more than enough for the under eye and eye lids. It feels extremely lightweight on the skin as well, which is extremely appealing for me. I don’t enjoy using heavy creams on my skin, and this extends to eye creams as well.

B. B. Radiant Eye Cream

I passed over this in my process of talking about the claims and my experiences, but the packaging is very simple and conventional: a tube with a pointed nozzle, which you squeeze and it dispenses the cream/gel. When I first bought this, a tiny amount of pressure dispenses the product very easily – as the tube was crammed full. I wholeheartedly appreciate the generosity rather than providing less, but this is worth being aware of so you don’t go crazy and squeeze out a ton of product unexpectedly. As I’ve worked through the tube over the past few months this has become less of an issue, yet it doesn’t feel like I’ve worked through much of the tube. So I expect this product to last a long time which I’m more than happy about.

Overall, my experience with this product has been mostly positive: if I had to look for a flaw, it would be that it’s not as soothing as I would like, but I don’t think this eye cream is to blame. As I’m trying various makeup removers and eye makeup products, as well as the climate in the UK shifting into autumn, my skin is just being particularly sensitive and irritable and I expect my skin to settle with time. I do suggest this product to anyone who have normal to drier skin needs for their eyes. While I don’t think this worked poorly with my oily eyelids – until I use this in my day time routine, whenever that ends up being – I don’t feel informed enough to comment on how it impacts that aspect of my skin needs.

With that I’d like to conclude this review. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I hope you are happy and healthy.

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