Review: Aroma Naturals Avocado Skin Perfecting Serum

Aroma Naturals Avocado Skin Perfecting Serum

Happy Friday! Today I want to talk about a serum that I’ve been using recently. This is the Aroma Naturals Avocado Oil Skin Perfecting Serum, and is something I stumbled across in TK Maxx. I bought this for £7.99, which isn’t hugely expensive compared to some serums I’ve seen on the market. I had a tough time doing any research for other products by this brand, so I was a little disappointed by how obscure they are.

As for the product, I like the colour theme with the dark green bottle and font colours to match the dark green of the avocado. Subtle but nice, as far as I’m concerned. The bottle itself contains 30ml of product, which is decent in my eyes, as serum is something I take forever to use up. That could just be personal though as I tend to make my serums stretch as far as I can and to last as long as possible, especially if I like them.

The product is dispensed from a pipette although I will very much admit that I rarely need to use it – the product that’s left in the bottle tends to drip off the pipette and I end up using that up first, since it can get messy to ignore it. This is also why I’ve refrained from taking photos of the pipette itself – it is extremely messy and I think I want to avoid that clean-up if I did mess it up… However, the serum itself is very watery in texture and a light green colour that’s very fitting considering the green theme.

So what does this product claim to do? Well to list it simply:

…this facial serum combines the deeply penetrating power of hydrating avocado oil with nourishing botanical elements. The rich supply of fatty acids in avocado oil is essential to maintaining collagen levels in skin, preventing time from wearing away its supple smoothness.

So basically we’re talking about a preventative serum to keep skin looking at its best. Which is basically how I have incorporated it into my routine. I use this as the second serum in my night time routine, after my retinol serum (which I will review in the near-future). I find that my retinol serum doesn’t help reduce tightness in my skin after cleansing and toning, but this serum helps to alleviate it to a limited degree. This isn’t the most hydrating serum I’ve come across, but it does stack with other hydrating products, which is where my light moisturiser comes into play.

Honestly, I’m not hugely impressed by this serum overall. I certainly don’t think it’s bad, but there are definitely better serums on the market that I will be happier using in the future. I do plan on using this up though, as it doesn’t cause skin irritation and does provide limited benefits for my skin. My biggest disappointment though is the obscurity of the brand itself, which is a shame as I am curious about other products that they have.

But that’s it for today’s post. I hope it was enjoyable to read. My next post will be on Monday, so I hope you will look forward to reading it. Until then, please take care, and I wish you all the good health and happiness in the world.

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