Review: 2True Cheek ‘n’ Lip Tint

Today I’m reviewing two products. These are the “2True Lip ‘n’ Cheek Tints” in a bright pink (Shade 2) and rose colours (Shade 1). I picked these up in Superdrug quite a while ago, and they currently retail for £2.29 – so definitely not going to break the bank. These are the only products by this brand that I’ve tried, but from what I’ve seen of their prices on the Superdrug website, they are definitely among the cheapest you can find in-store.

The packaging for these products is simple: tiny glass bottles with white lids. I think it’s strange how the rose shade has a clear glass design while the other has a pink cover. I definitely prefer the design for the rose shade. For a rough idea of how big these bottles are, they can both fit inside the palms of my hand – bearing in mind I have really small hands. Looking at the other products that 2True sell, these could easily be mistaken for their nail polishes – the only obvious difference being that most of the nail polishes have black lids rather than white.

Another unusual difference between the two colours is the texture. As you can see, the pink shade has a creamier texture while the rose shade is very watery. I personally prefer the watery texture – it is much easier to blend than the other.

I have to admit I was really disappointed by the pink shade.  Assuming it was a liquid tint when I bought it, I thought it would be a great spring/summer shade.  It’s very difficult to blend and I found it was t very flattering on my lips or cheeks. However, the impact on my lips may have been influenced by my very pigmented natural lip colour. If you have naturally paler lips, then you may be able to make the colour work. For me, the colours seemed to fight for dominance, and it didn’t look very flattering at all. I also found that this shade of pink was slightly overpowering on my pale skin tone, particularly as it is very bold from just one application.

The rose shade on the other hand, was much more flattering. The liquid texture makes it much easier to apply and build up the colour. It definitely applies much more sheer on the lips and skin, which is something I really like. I find this shade much more flattering against my pale skin tone as well. This shade is definitely wearable year-round, but particularly so during autumn and winter. On the lips it can be used to create a really subtle gradient lip, and on the cheeks can create a lovely “just pinched” kind of glow.

One thing to bear in mind if you do use this shade is that you need to blend very quickly, or you’ll risk leave spots or patches of pigment when you apply it to the lips or cheeks. However, this is the case with most tints, so this isn’t a complaint about the product specifically.

Having read a few blogs online, this particular shade can understandably be argued as a dupe for the Benefit Benetint, although the pigmentation isn’t as strong as the Benetint. However, with the right application and having the colour built up well, you can definitely argue that it’s a worthy alternative if the price of the Benetint is out of your price range.

Overall my satisfaction with these products is mixed. The pink shade was a huge disappointment for me. Although picking such a bright shade was out of my comfort zone so I won’t pin the blame entirely on the product. The rose shade however I liked a lot. While not a perfect product, it is a great cheap alternative compared to other tints, especially if you’re not sure if a tint is the right type of lip or cheek product for you.

Would you consider trying one of these tints? Or is there a tint you would recommend? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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