Products I’m Passing On: September 2016, #1

Good morning/afternoon/evening! Today I want to start a new series of blog posts: which is basically going to be a run down of skincare and makeup products from my collection that I am passing on, and the reasons why they aren’t staying in my collection anymore. You’ll quickly realise that these products aren’t necessarily bad, just not suiting to my needs. To kick things off, I’m starting with products I have decluttered during September, and I’ve split it into categories. Today, I’m going to discuss skincare items, face makeup, eye products, and nail polishes (and a makeup brush) that I am no longer keeping.

Products I'm Passing On

Starting with the skincare items, there are three that I have decided to pass on. These are the Superdrug own-brand Witch Hazel Mud MaskDermaticin-TS Collagen Serum, and the Kleenex Balsam Soothing Nose and Lip Balm. The mud mask I found to be quite irritating on my skin, so I quickly stopped using this, but I do have sensitive skin. I think this is one I will pass on to my Mum and see if it works for her, since she doesn’t have sensitive skin like I do. The serum on the other hand I was just really disappointed at how little it seemed to do. I used this consistently for a few weeks and found myself questioning if it did anything at all. It certainly helped take the edge off my skin’s tightness post-shower, but other than that, nothing that stood out to me. I have so many serums stashed away that I decided it wasn’t worth using. I think I will pass this on to Mum and see if she wants to use it. Otherwise I have no guilt about her throwing it away. Finally, the nose and lip balm was a product I opened up to replace my broken E.L.F. Soothing Lip Balm, but found this wasn’t as moisturising as I needed. My biggest vice was that when applying this on the sides of my lips, it required tugging on my lips that -when my lips are dry and already sore- caused a lot of unnecessary pain. So I quickly decided to pass this along.

Moving on to the one makeup brush I decluttered, this is by Revlon, and is an eyebrow brush. One end has a spoolie and the other a brush and comb. I personally didn’t care for the dual-brush style anymore, although it is one of the first makeup brushes I bought. This isn’t a bad makeup brush at all, but I only use the spoolie end for keeping my brow hairs in place, and it seemed silly to keep this brush. I plan on letting Mum use this if she wants to, so it shouldn’t go to waste.

Now face products: there are three products I want to talk about today. The first is the Collection Sheer Loose Powder, in 1 Barely There. This is really nice and soft powder, but I learnt very quickly that it was a hassle to use, and I found myself not wanting to use it on a regular basis. I personally don’t gel with loose powders, so this is another product I want to give to Mum to try, as she has oily skin too and would benefit from a product like this.

The next two products are both concealer type products. The first is the E.L.F. All Over Cover Stick, which is in the shade Apricot Beige. I bought two shades of these in Cardiff when the E.L.F. store was still there, one as a concealer shade (the one I’m decluttering) the other as a highlighter shade which I have yet to open and use. I found myself a little confused about how to make this work as a concealer. The product in itself is easy to apply, which for me was using my clean fingers to spot-place the product. However, I found myself not seeing much coverage and fighting really hard to make this work. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad product, but I think on my oily skin, it just doesn’t know how to sit still on my skin. So drier skin types might like this better. I am curious how this will behave as a highlighting cream product instead.

The final concealer is the Maybelline Cover Stick, in the shade 01. I was just generally disappointed by the lack of coverage of this product too, but I think it’s again, a product that struggles to sit properly on really oily skin types. So if you’re normal-combination skin, this could work for you. But for my oil-slick of a face, it just didn’t mesh well.

Products I'm Passing On

Now we move on to eye products. Eye products are a category where I quickly find my reliable products. The first I’m decluttering is the E.L.F. Eyelid Primer, in the shade Champagne. This is a nice and simple eye primer, and for a tinted primer it has a nice pigmentation that isn’t too heavy for the shy makeup users like myself. My vice with it was the large glitter particles in it that really spoiled it for me. However, if you like shimmery products, you may not be off-put by it.

Next is the No.7 Stay Perfect Smoothing Eye Shadow in Iridescent Purple. This is a really nice product, but I found it very tricky to work with. I also learnt how shy I am with dark eye shadows from this product, as it looks very dark on pale skin, like mine. I also have very small eyelids, so applying this without getting it stuck between my eyelashes or seeping too close to my eyes a little tricky, so I quickly retreated from using this product. However, what amazed me about this product, was how long-lasting and waterproof, sweatproof, budgeproof, however you want to describe it, this eye shadow is. It is such a pain in the back-side to remove, but for anyone who desperately wants this kind of product, then this line of eye shadow (bases) should be right up your alley.

Next is the NYC CityProof 24hr Waterproof Eyeshadow stick in 610 Tribeca Taupe. I was originally really drawn to this shade, as I love taupe shadows. But I found this product to be really dry and uncomfortable to use on my eyelids. So I plan to just accept it’s dried out and throw it away.

Moving on to the Collection (2000) Eye Definer Lasting Colour eyeliner pencil in 2 Brown. Now, I love the pigmentation this eyeliner has, it’s honestly a really pleasant surprise considering Collection is a very affordable brand, and brands this affordable are often dismissed as having less-than-great quality as a result of their price. The reason I’m passing this on though is because I can’t figure out a way to sharpen this liner properly, and since I have such tiny eyelid space to work with, I never want to reach for this product anymore. I tried using a generic sharpener on this product, and it didn’t go down well. So I’m a little bit sad to find myself wanting to pass this on.

The final eyeliner for this section is the Hard Candy Stay In Line Mechanical Gel Eyeliner, in the shade Eggplant. For any long-term readers of my blog, you may remember my Canada/America Haul from back around January/February. I started using this now Autumn is rolling in, and found this eyeliner to be extremely dry and the pigmentation was minimal and patchy. I was really disappointed as I was really looking forward to getting hooked on this brand (even if I can’t buy Hard Candy products here in the UK).

Products I'm Passing On

Moving on to the final section of today’s post: nail polishes. These are all polishes I have passed on to my Mum as she enjoys painting her nails much more than I do, and I have made the personal goal to be selective about the polishes I keep as I only paint my nails on rare occasions, and still haven’t decided if I like how my nails feel when they are painted.

To kick this category off, we have two nail polishes by NYC from the Expert Last Nail Polish line. The first is a white shade I originally bought for nail designs, but I never developed the habit to do so. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t even been opened before. The second is a black shade which I decluttered from my collection because I have the Maybelline Color Show nail polish in Blackout which is a formula I prefer.

From Seventeen, I decluttered a bright pink shade from the Gel Colour line. I don’t really wear pink often and although it is a nice shade, realistically speaking, I couldn’t see myself reaching for it often. The same reasoning applied to the Collection nail polish next to it from the Field Day spring collection. I did however keep the shade Heather in my collection, which is a dusty grey-lilac kind of shade.

Finally, I was conflicted to declutter this, but I also took the Rimmel Lasting Finish nail polish out of my collection after wearing it side-by-side with the Max Factor Infinity mini nail polish of a slightly different undertone-red. The Max Factor nail polish has a slightly cooler undertone which I preferred, but also, because of how infrequently I paint my nails, it’s a bottle of nail polish I could realistically finish. My Mum loves the colour red, so I know she’ll make good use of this particular one – heck, she might even own it already, and I’ve provided her with a backup!

Phew! That was a really really long post, but I think it was justified to really talk through my views for why I’m not keeping these products. Most of these products were very nice and it was a matter of taste for decluttering them, while a couple were ones I couldn’t justify keeping or making work for me.

I hope this was enjoyable to read. I plan on posting the lip products I decluttered last month sometime next week, so if you’re curious what didn’t quite make the cut in my collection, please follow my blog and keep an eye out for that. Also, how was this post? Is this something you want to continue reading, or anything I can do to improve it? I would love to hear some constructive criticism so that my content is more enjoyable.

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