Products I’m Passing On: Prior to Moving (Nov 2016-Feb 2017)

Products I'm Passing On

Hello everyone, sorry for such a long break in posting. It’s been a bit of a chaotic few months which really took more of a toll on me than I began to anticipate. A lot of things have changed in the time I’ve been gone, but hopefully I can get myself back into shape (once again, I know…) and make up for my absence.

The biggest impact on my life has been moving out and in with my partner into our own place. So a lot of time was spent viewing apartments, houses, etc trying to find a place within our budget that also suited our needs. Big adult stuff right?! I’ve moved places before during university, but this was much more stressful for some reason, but now I’m somewhat settled. I have my own office to work in, and I’m ready to just get back to business.

To kick things off though, I want to bring up this recurring series of posts regarding decluttering and just removing products that just don’t work for me. The stash this time around was much bigger than previous months as it does have about four months of stuff in there. So… Let’s get into it!

Products I'm Passing On

Kicking it off with eye based stuff, the first eye shadow palette is one I owned for a while by Beauty UK called the “Posh Palette“. The colours in the palette originally really spoke out to me, but the pigmentation was only so-so for me. I have a lot of other palettes too that I just don’t see a reason to hold on to it when it does take up a reasonable amount of space once it’s with my other palettes.

Moving to the right, is by NYC and is the “Individual Eyes” palettes which were designed for different eye colours if I’m not mistaken. The shadows themselves are gorgeous and really pigmented, by I only liked the two middle shades, which I can find in quite a few other palettes that I already have. I attempted to de-pot those shades, but ended up making a mess of it… The silver shade looked really unusual on my super pale skin, and the black shade had a lot of silver shimmery particles that just looked strange on me. The primer and highlight I was also had no interest in. So overall, keeping it for 2 shades out of a full palette made no logical sense to me.

Continuing further right are some single loose eye shadows by the Ruby Hammer brand of makeup that were in a Blue Cross sale in Debenhams while I was still in college (so when I was 17). It came in a set with cream eye shadows too, but by the time I remotely took interest in using or opening them, they were separating, so I only kept the powders. The three shades above are ones I removed, but I did keep two shades to experiment with.

Moving to the left of the second row, there are two Maybelline quads that I don’t think they sell in the UK anymore in this style of packaging, but I have heard YouTubers talk about recently. The pigmentation on these are quite good, but they are a bit too metallic for my style of makeup, even though the copper and green tones are wonderful. The purple quad I was upset about as I love purple, but the pink and purple combination just didn’t look right on me, unfortunately.

The single eyeshadow on the left is by Essence, which if you’re not sure where to find them, you can find in a lot of Wilko stores here in the UK. I have a reasonable collection of other shadows from this brand, but the black just wasn’t quite pigmented enough to line with, and also a little strange looking to contrast with my pale skin. I also have quite a few black eyeshadows in singles and palettes that I decided I’ll pass this one on.

On the final row, there is the Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara for Green Eyes, which I found just didn’t do anything. Not just in the sense of highlighting the green in my hazel eyes, but just didn’t add anything to my lashes. So either my lashes are too dark or long for it to help me, but like with everything else in this post, it’s being given to my Mum to try out before being potentially thrown away.

Finally for this section, is a dual end eyeshadow stick with have cushion applicators on each end. Think of the Etude House Cute Eyes Maker, as it’s a very similar, if not the exact same concept, which is what made me buy this. I found this in TK Maxx around a year or so ago. While the brown shade was okay, a little bit patchy but workable, the pink shade for highlighting was too stark on my pale skin, and made me look like I had hayfever, as opposed to sparkling youthful eyes. So not ideal at all.

Products I'm Passing On

The second portion of this post, are a highlighter and nail polish. The highlighter is the E.L.F Baked Highlighter, and as I saw many YouTubers also say, is that there’s almost no pay off. I followed a suggestion I read in the comments section of a YouTube video to remove the first layer, so I did so with cello tape, but there wasn’t a noticeable enough difference to justify keeping it. I have so many other highlighters waiting to be tried that in the least, a subtle highlighter might be up my Mum’s alley.

The Rimmel Whitener Nail Polish was one I picked up a long time ago thinking I needed something to help my nails. But with improvements to my diet, I just see no use for it. My nails are strong and a healthy colour, so it’s otherwise just sitting around for no reason. I don’t think Mum would need it either, but I’d rather let her make that judgment call.

Products I'm Passing On

For the third portion, I’m moving on to lip products. Which is relatively simple. The first is the NYC Twistable Lip Primer. As a lip primer, it’s not a vital makeup piece, unless to replace lip balm, which it does do nicely. What I didn’t like was the shimmery sheen it left underneath. I know some people would like that feature, but for me, I don’t do shimmery lips, at all. For some reason, it just looks really strange on me.

The final three are Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms, and while they are really cute shades (a warm-ish red/berry, a pink-peach, and a warm peach shade respectively), I just can’t get the colour to show up on my lips. My lips are too pigmented so I’d rather just use a colourless lip balm instead and let someone else use them who can appreciate the colour from these.

Products I'm Passing On

Next we have perfumes. The first is from Primark and is the “He Loves Me” Eau de Toilette. I normally don’t talk about Primark as a brand as I used to work for the company up until January of last year, but I did feel like it’s okay to mention them in this post. As I was preparing to pack to move out, I really forced myself to choose which scents I liked and those that I wasn’t passionate enough about. The warm spring-summery scent is nice, but honestly, it just didn’t wow me.

The second scent is unnamed by brand, but the scent is called “Flutter” and I recall buying this from Superdrug when I still lived in Cardiff for university. It’s an okay scent, but another that just didn’t wow me.

Finally, is the White Musk Libertine from The Body Shop, and it was simply a case of, I have this in the Eau de Toilette bottle, and originally had this one for travel purposes, but it seems unnecessary now to keep both. In the least I thought Mum might like the scent, but I know she’s quite committed to a Chanel perfume at the moment.

Products I'm Passing On

Finally, we have a single makeup brush and a couple of skincare items. The first is an anti-ageing night cream that is just too thick and rich. Unfortunately, in spite of repeating the brand’s name to myself, I’ve forgotten the brand name. I tried using the cream just on my neck area, and even that was leaving my skin in bumps where it was just too heavy for me. But definitely more for dry skin types.

Next is The Body Shop and the Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil. While I believe that oils can still be used on oily skin, this is and the next serum by Medyskin, just didn’t work nicely with my skin type, and left my skin feeling like there was a layer of oil just sitting on my skin that wouldn’t go away until the next morning after I cleansed my face. I think oils are fine to use on oily skin when it’s washed off (like a cleansing oil) or is extremely light in texture, but unfortunately neither this or the Face Lift Beauty Oil, worked for me.

Finally, to end this post, is the E.L.F Small Stipple Brush, which is only being decluttered for lack of relevant use in my brush collection. I like this brush and what it can do, but it doesn’t have a unique use that I can justify keeping it for. I actually really advise buying this brush if you’re looking for an inexpensive brush for specific highlighting or contouring. But as I don’t highlight or contour in that way, it just doesn’t get used. I like subtle makeup looks so it just doesn’t perform the way that suits me, but it’s by no means a bad product.

But that is all for this post, and thank you for sticking with me until the end. In the next few days I will have my empties video for the past four months up as well, so you can get a glimpse at what’s been decluttered, but for a different set of reasons. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it truly means the world to me.

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