Products I’m Passing On – September 2018:

Products I'm Passing On September 2018

Kicking off October on time, I want to talk about the products I’ve passed on pre-move/September, as I gathered a few more products to include for this series of posts. As always, these are products that, instead of throwing them in the bin, they’re decluttered and passed on to others who I think might get better use of out them. This is usually my mum, but I leave it to her discretion if she wants to pass them on to friends if there are products she knows won’t suit her. So without further ado, I’m going to jump straight in:

Starting off with a makeup palette, the first is the Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes Palette, which on paper, is my perfect kind of palette. I love having access to lots of matte eyeshadow shades, as I find they’re much more workable for my pale skin and much more forgiving if I make mistakes. I find they’re also what I reach for more often for subtle and natural makeup looks, so I like to have plenty of options in my collection. This particular declutter was initially going to go to my MUA Ever After Matte Palette, but I decided to keep that palette instead of this one, because I prefer the texture of the shadows a bit more, and the size of the pans was much easier to work with. The shade range is a bit bigger than the MUA palette, but it contains shades I don’t use. I also have a lot of similar shades that are in this palette in singles, so I’d rather work through my singles and other palettes and pass this on to mum, who might find this an accessible palette for matte eyeshadows.

The second eyeshadow palette I passed on is the Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel Palette, which was very popular in the earlier days of YouTube beauty content. The eyeshadow palette as a whole was really lovely, but the shades that I liked in this palette I had in singles or other palettes elsewhere, and the glittery/shimmery shades kicked up a lot of dust and made me not want to use this palette as often. I also found the shimmery shades were less pigmented than the mattes, and it just takes up more space than I found was worthwhile.

Moving on to makeup brushes, the first of two is the Eco Tools Airbrush Concealer Brush, which has been in my collection for a while. It’s a brush that sat unused for a while in my collection, as I prefer to use the warmth of my (clean) fingers to blend out concealer. For the past few months I was using it as an eyeshadow brush to put a light application of eyeshadow on my brow bone, but I recently pulled out my travel brushes to put in my main collection and prefer to use those brushes more often in its place. This is still a great makeup brush though, and I think it deserves a more loving home.

The second brush I’m passing on is the Precision Beauty Eyeliner Brush which I bought from TK Maxx, and is a brush that sat mostly redundant in my brush collection. There’s nothing wrong with the brush itself, but it’s not the style of eyeliner brush I like to use – I really enjoy using my E.L.F. Studio Angled Eyeliner Brush instead. This style of brush I prefer to use for powder brow products, but I find that they have a mini-version of this style of brush, which are more ideal for travel, and so this sits rarely used.

Moving on to lipstick, the first is the Collection Deluxe Lipstick in a beautiful deep red shade, which according to my searching, is called ‘Silent Movie‘. It’s a really gorgeous shade, but one I have a lot of repeats of. It’s also a shade that is very far outside of my comfort zone, so I only want to have one or two in this shade. So I decided this was one to pass on.

Similar logic applies to the Rimmel London The Only 1 Lipstick in the shade ‘One-of-a-Kind‘. It’s an absolutely gorgeous dark berry shade, but compared to other lipsticks I own in the same colour family, this is a more drying texture and does not fade gracefully on my lips. So I have other shades in this line that I still own, but this particular shade I want to use in a more comfortable product.

Moving back to eye products briefly, I’m passing on the Bourjois Color Edition 24H Cream to Powder Texture Eyeshadow pot. I don’t recall the name of the shade, but it was a pretty muted burgundy, that was sadly a bit too sheer on my eyes to justify using. I think for anyone who wants a one-shadow eyeshadow look, this is a really simple and easy to use autumnal shade though, but I prefer to use powders out of the pot, rather than a cream-to-powder formula unless it’s going to be an eyeshadow base. It worked okay to do this, but I have other cream eyeshadows that I prefer more to do the same job.

The final product for this post is actually a duplicate from my collection, and is the Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher in the shade ‘48 Ashes of Roses‘. It’s a gorgeous muted pink shade with a slight warm tone throughout that makes it a really lovely autumnal blush shade if you want something that’s pink, but doesn’t lean too bright or doll-like. I have a pot of this already sitting in my blush drawer, and when I realised I had another of this, I decided to simply pass on the spare. It’s going to take me a long time to work through one pot, that keeping the other just seemed wasteful. I do love it though, so this is one product in particular I think mum will enjoy. The product is extremely pigmented, so using a light hand to apply this product is necessary, but you have a lot of control to create a look focused around the cheeks if you want to, or have a more subtle look if you want instead. I want to try other shades from this range, but I have a lot of other blushes in my stash to try out first.

So this rounds up the products I’m passing on from September! As the last post before the move, this is likely to be largest for a while, and I expect this series to slow down in pace, but I anticipate this will continue in smaller batches. It’s a refreshing series to write about and it’s really cathartic to talk through my process and my thoughts. This series of posts in particular aren’t necessarily products I think are bad, but as I refine my collection, it becomes a matter of which products I think are better suited for others. I want to be able to use products up, and while it’s nice to think about keeping every product, it results in a lot of waste, and it’s not something I enjoy the idea of.

With that said, thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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