Products I’m Passing On – October 2019:

Products I'm Passing On - October 2019

Happy Saturday! As it’s the second day of the month, it means its time to evaluate which products I’m passing along to a new home. These are products that are still in good condition and safe to use, but for reasons I’ll discuss later, just aren’t quite the right fit for me. I enjoy this specific category of blog posts because it helps me to prevent waste by passing along to people who will enjoy these products more.

So starting off, I want to talk about a perfume. I don’t talk about fragrances often, but I was working through this little sample bottle of the Ghost Eclipse perfume. This was my summer fragrance, and one I really adored. So it might be surprising to see this little bottle in this post.

Ultimately this comes down to my process of using one scent exclusively not working out for this specific perfume. While I’ve taken this approach in the past in my pre-move project pan, and found it successful when the perfume has very little product left, I found that I quickly got bored of using the same scent every single day when there was still a considerable amount left.

So while the scent itself is still very nice, I have no desire to keep using it and likely won’t want to use it next summer. Instead, I want to pass this along to see if my mum will enjoy it.

Products I'm Passing On - October 2019

Next we have a couple of makeup brushes. The first is the Wilko Blusher Brush, which is sadly too large for my face shape. It’s a very pretty and very soft makeup brush, but the brush shape itself overwhelms my petite facial structure. I simply prefer a more dense and smaller brush head to focus blush onto the apples of my cheeks. But it’s not a bad product, just simply not the right fit for me.

I’m also passing along the beloved EcoTools Retractable Kabuki Brush. I recently hauled a backup in my YesStyle Haul, so I decided to pass along my older one as it is still in fairly good condition. I absolutely adore this brush, and I’m hoping mum will too. It’s very compact and easy to use. As well as having an adjustable brush head through the funnel of the brush. I can’t get enough of this brush, and want to share the opportunity to love it with my mum.

Products I'm Passing On - October 2019

Moving on to some makeup, let’s discuss base makeup first. I’m not sure why I was so curious by this product, but unsurprisingly the NYX Wonderstick wasn’t quite to my tastes. While I was intrigued by the highlighter end, I should have known better as I simply don’t contour or bronze my face. I prefer to use blush to define my cheeks, as I don’t have the confidence to use contour or bronzer on my very pale complexion.

I’m also passing along the Revolution Fast Base Concealer in ‘C1‘. I reviewed this concealer and wasn’t impressed by it’s use as a concealer, but I did rework it as an eyelid base. It does that job fairly well, although it doesn’t hide the purple veins or darkness, but it does create a more even appearance. But it will take so long to use this tube up, that I’d rather let mum try it and see if she’ll finish it. It also leaves room for me to use other eye products as a primer instead.

Products I'm Passing On - October 2019

As far as eye products go, the first is the NYX Epic Ink Liner in the shade ‘Black‘. This is a decent eyeliner: very pigmented, fairly long-lasting, but a nightmare to wash off. It likes to find any way to not come off my face, but smear anywhere and everywhere. As I like to use micellar water and cotton rounds the majority of the time, this is a huge inconvenience that I don’t want to put up with. But I know mum uses a conventional cleanser in her night time routine, so this might work for her.

I’m also passing along the Barry M Dazzle Dust in the shade ‘105 Athena‘, which is a product that I love, but also got tired of. And when I refer to getting tired of it, I’m not tired of the colour or performance, but rather just tired of the loose powder format. I have a lot of palettes and single pressed eyeshadows in my collection, and I just want to focus on using them at the moment. So I want to give mum a chance to see if it will suit her, but it’s still fresh and safe to use.

Products I'm Passing On - October 2019

Lastly, we have a couple of lip products. The first is the Burt’s Bees Satin Lipstick in the shade ‘524 Wine Wave‘. I reviewed 2 shades from the satin lipstick line, and I do like the moisturising formula. However, for a deep colour like this one, I found it hindered the consistency of the pigmentation. While deeper colours typically push me out of my comfort zone, if I am going to wear one, I want it to be consistent and opaque.

To round it off, I’m also passing along the GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in ‘006 Matt Raspberry‘. I also reviewed 3 shades from this line, and I just find this shade is too far out of my comfort zone for me to justify keeping. When it’s swatched or when I wear it, it looks gorgeous. But I simply don’t have the confidence to make such a bright and powerful colour.

This concludes all of the products I’m passing along from October! It’s a smaller collection this time around, which is nice to see as it means my collection is getting back to a more concise and content situation.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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