Products I’m Passing On – October 2018:

Products I'm Passing On - October 2018

It’s that time of the month again when I curate the products I’m passing along and the reasons why they didn’t make the cut. These are products that I made this decision throughout the month of October, and I’ll go through why each one is in this basket. There are quite a few products this time around, so let’s get started!

Products I'm Passing On - October 2018

Starting with a few miscellaneous products first, this headband is from Boots and is a spare I plan to pass along. I have another that’s much thinner and easier to work with, so I want to see if this will be useful to my mum. I imagine she won’t need it, but she’s talked about growing her hair out recently, so she might want to keep this aside in case she does work on a longer hair style. I just don’t see myself needing two of these and it otherwise takes up space while also not having a dedicated spot in my apartment.

A makeup brush I’m passing along is my Wilko Smokey Eye Brush. It’s a decent brush but a little strange to work with. When it dispenses colour, it does so beautifully but it’s finicky about doing it. It blends eyeshadow relatively well, but it’s a bit weird about doing that too. I’m not sure if I’m using it poorly, but I’ve decided to pass this along as I have other eyeshadow brushes in my collection that I reach for more often now.

Products I'm Passing On - October 2018

One skincare product I’m passing along is the Witch Blackhead Clearing Gel. The concept is to use this on drying skin to buff away dead skin cells and clear away blackheads, etc, but I find this is a tad too intense for my oily-sensitive skin. This is very similar in idea to the Cure Natural Aqua Gel, but I prefer Cure’s product more as it’s kinder to my skin. However, I am testing another acne/pore clearing product from Witch at the moment, so I look forward to reviewing it in the future.

Products I'm Passing On - October 2018

The first of the makeup products is the Physicians Formula Multi-Colored Corrector Powder Palette in the shade ‘Green‘. I used this for a while as really liked it for subtle toning down of redness around my face. However lately, I prefer to use cream formulas instead if I’m going to use a colour corrector as I find they do the job of correcting my skin tone better. While I generally speaking prefer powders because of my oily skin, if I’m going to use a colour corrector, I want it to do enough to justify using it on my face in the first place. So while I don’t think this is a terrible product, it just doesn’t fit in my collection anymore.

A product I’m conflicted about passing along, is the Benefit Dallas Box Blush. So for context, I picked this up from Boots around two years ago, using a combination of gift card, loyalty points and cash, making it the most expensive makeup in my collection. So I put a lot of consideration into picking up this product because I knew I was parting with a lot of money – be that gift card generously given to me, loyalty points I saved up from other purchases, then my own money – that this was a product I wanted to love. It’s a beautiful shade, but it was one I had trouble figuring out my feelings on. It’s a very warm, dusty rose on my skin tone (it looks cooler in the box). While I’ve grown to like the shade, the subtle shimmers don’t look so subtle on my skin. It’s a terrible shame, so I want to pass this along, as I’m assuming it’s just a case where this blush just isn’t going to look quite right on my skin. So with a conflicted heart, this is leaving my collection.

Products I'm Passing On - October 2018

Moving on to eyeshadows, I’m starting with a palette I otherwise had different plans for. This is the Collection Work the Colour Purple Eye Palette, an old purchase that accompanied the Nude Eye Palette that I mentioned in my Autumnal Go-To Eyeshadows 2018 post. It’s in theory the ideal sort of palette for me, as I adore purple tones, but for some reason, I’m struggling to make it work for me. I particularly enjoyed using the the left vertical row and the bottom right shade, and I did consider de-potting them. However I eventually decided against this as I think as a whole it is a gorgeous colour range and separating it up and then passing along the leftovers would end up making more of the palette a waste. I do also have some of the shades I like in this palette potentially in singles or other palettes, so I decided to pass this along in its entirety instead.

A product I otherwise adored but have decided to pass on, is the Wet n Wild Color Icon trio in ‘Walking on Eggshells‘ which is a cult classic. This is the older packaging, and has seen a lot of love from me, but I decided to pass this along as I find I’m only really loving the eyelid shade now. The crease shade is very pretty, but I don’t love the brow-bone shade enough to justify to myself to keep the entire trio. I find the brow-bone shade is a bit too chalky and strange on my skin considering I’m so pale, so I want to pass this along. I might try the new packaging with the extra shade and see if the formula is a bit better, but I have got my money’s worth out of this.

Products I'm Passing On - October 2018

Last of all we have lip products. The Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks were talked about in a review, but the shades I’m passing along are ‘800 Under My Spell‘ and ‘110 Pink A Punch‘. To avoid repeating myself too much: the shades are pretty, but the formula isn’t the best for me, and I have these shades in formulas I prefer more.

The Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick is a product that I’m passing along with a mild sadness. It’s a very beautiful pink-toned red called ‘13 Rouge Jet Set‘ and creates a very beautiful rich red lip look. The pink tones aren’t particularly obvious when you apply it at it’s fullest pigmentation, but when I blur this out for a matte/velvet blurred lip look, the colour softens to show off the slightly cooler tones. It’s a highly flattering shade on me, but I find the formula is ever so slightly too drying for my tastes.

Finally, a product I otherwise really enjoy, is the GOSH Velvet Touch Lip Liner in the shade ‘003 Cardinal Red‘. On my lips it looks more like a deep, rich burgundy, so calling it ‘red’ is a bit strange to me. I really like the formula and longevity of these lip liners. But I know myself: I don’t use lip liners often, and the ones I want to keep hold off are the my-lips-but-better shades or slightly dusty rose shades as I can see myself using them enough to make it worth keeping them around. So while I love this shade, and the performance is very good, I know I won’t use this up and will reach for my lipsticks instead for this shade. I have another shade from this line in my collection which I look forward to using though.

And that concludes the product I’m passing on from October 2018. It’s a much larger collection of products than I was anticipating considered how much effort I made to declutter before the move, but it’s also refreshing to keep refining my collection down to only the ones I enjoy. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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