Product’s I’m Passing On – November and December 2018:

Product's I'm Passing On - November and December 2018

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night, whichever it might be for you. I hope life is treating you well, today I want to give my monthly round-up of products I’m passing on. I aim to write one of these posts monthly, but I skipped November as at the time, there were too few products for me to justify writing a separate blog post. So today, I’m combining two months. I prepared the photos for this post while at home with my family for the Christmas period, so I apologise if the quality is lacking. Without further ado though, let’s begin.

Product's I'm Passing On - November and December 2018

Beginning with skincare, I brought back with my three sachets of the Superdrug Hydrating Self-Heating Mask. As you can see, only two sachets are in the photo above, the first being the one I used to try this product out. It’s a fun concept but I found the mask’s texture too goopy. I think this would have been more tolerable if it were contained in different packaging though: a pot or a tube to give more control would make this mask much easier to work with. As for the self-heating aspects, it was interesting, and not a new concept to me. However, I’m not that enthusiastic about it that I felt the need to keep using the other two sachets, so I left them behind with mum so she can try them out for herself.

A sample I brought back with me is the Clinique Clarifying Solution, which was given to me back when I lived in Cardiff as part of a sample set tailored for oily-combination skin types. I have the other sample pieces in my sample stash, but I picked this specific product out to avoid traveling back with my existing cleanser-toner as it’s leaked during travel before. What made me decide to pass this on was the strong alcohol-scent, while the alcohol itself wasn’t irritating for my skin (surprisingly), I was intolerant to the smell and it made me nauseous using it once. One other gripe with this sample (and not representative of the full size product) is that the dispenser is the large hole of the neck of the bottle… Which is huge, and no matter how hard I tried, it spilled everywhere all over my cotton round, my pyjamas and the rug in my bedroom. I didn’t like that either.

Product's I'm Passing On - November and December 2018

I’m passing on two lip balm products this time around, the first being the Kind Natured Nourishing Manuka Honey Lip Balm. The concept of manuka honey as a key ingredient really intrigued me when I bought it around a year ago, but the actual formula doesn’t quite work for me. It’s a gel-like formula that somewhat reminds me of petroleum but also has a strangely gritty texture to it as well. So I decided to pass it on in case mum happens to like slightly slick, heavier formulas.

The second is one I really wanted to like. If you were watching YouTube around 3-5 years ago (the time frame might be off, my memory is terrible), you probably saw a lot of beauty influencers mentioning the Paw Paw Papaya Moisturising Balm. For a long time this product wasn’t available in the UK so I bided my time waiting for a chance to try it. Then around a year ago, I saw it either in TK Maxx or Boots, and I decided to pick one up for myself. The thing that put me off very quickly is that petroleum texture. See a theme here? I really wanted to like it since I saw so many other people have success with it, but even when I pushed past the texture, I didn’t find it did anything for my lips. I didn’t want to keep an extra tube of anything just for my elbows, wrists, etc for touch-ups where it may have been useful so I decided to pass this on since it is fresh.

Product's I'm Passing On - November and December 2018

Now we’re moving on to makeup, a product you may have seen me give my first impression on recently is the Sleek i-Divine Storm Palette. I won’t go into too much detail here, but I basically decided that while there are shades I adore in this palette, the shades I didn’t find pigmented enough offer an opportunity to someone like my mum who don’t wear makeup often or wear eyeshadows often, a chance to try something new with less risk than those higher performing palettes that offer what I’m looking for. So a silver lining of sorts.

On the top right of my photo, is the NYC Single Eyeshadow and unfortunately I didn’t write down the shade name before I traveled back to Bristol. NYC as a brand have disappeared from Superdrug stores, so sadly I can’t try more from this brand anymore (even just Googling them brings very little reliable places to buy this brand). I picked up this warm-toned purple shade motivated by my love for the colour purple, but I found it’s too warm toned for my undertone, and often made my eyes look bruised. I think for warmer skin tones this wouldn’t cause this issue, but my pale skin tends to show my veins very easily and I find this shade amplifies those tones. So I’m passing it on so it can hopefully find a better home.

A ‘blush’ of sorts I’m passing on is the NYX Blush in ‘Taupe‘. For my pale skin this was a product I kept as a contour shade, but I’m passing it on to my mum since I think it’s a slightly under-performing batch and will be a similar situation as the Sleek palette. I have a back-up in my stash in the newer packaging so I’m curious to see some time in the future if it’s better.

The last eyeshadow I’m passing on is the W7 Shadow Projection in a taupe-y brown shade. It’s an appealing shade to me, but I have a lot of this shade repeated in singles and across my various palettes, so I decided to pass it on so it could get used by someone else. I’m not a fan of the silver shimmers in it either, but that’s more of an after thought for me.

Product's I'm Passing On - November and December 2018

The last category are makeup brushes, both of them from a travel set together, are from Eco Tools. The first is a complexion brush, which is a brush-type that I have settled into my favourites in my collection. So I found this sat unused for a long time so I decided maybe mum could get use out of it. It could function as a blush or contour brush if you really wanted to, but I have enough blush brushes for my needs, and I don’t contour often enough to justify holding on it.

The second is a concealer brush, which I’m passing on for similar reasons. I don’t really use brushes for my concealer application, as I like to use my clean fingers to blend my concealer in. I’ve tried deep-cleaning it and using it as an eyeshadow brush instead, but I don’t find it performs well enough for that function. So it was time to pass it along and see if it works for mum.

This concludes the products I’m passing on from November and December 2018. It was a larger batch of products than I was anticipating since I’ve really narrowed down my collection now. But at the same time, I’m still learning what my current makeup habits are, so over time, I’m making cuts to my collection or putting things aside for a later date. I think I’ve said this in an earlier post, but I do anticipate this series to become more sporadic, but I will continue to share with you the products I’m passing on as they accumulate.

So thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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