Products I’m Passing On – May 2019:

Products I'm Passing On - May 2019

As it’s the second day of the month, it means it’s time for a Products I’m Passing On post, where I discuss which products didn’t quite make the cut in my collection, but can go to a more loving home. There are only 4 products this month, however, I want to include this month separately anyway, as I will be moving home in just shy of a week, so I want to be able to pass these along instead of having to pack them with me. So while this will be a shorter post today, I hope it’s still enjoyable.

Products I'm Passing On - May 2019

Starting with the only skincare item, I tried out the Quick Fix Collagen Lift Mask as part of my multi-masking routine, but found this isn’t the right fit for me. The biggest turn off was the scent: a common theme when a product doesn’t make the cut for me lately. I hoped that after leaving it on the skin the scent would fade, but sadly it didn’t, and it just left me feeling nauseated the entire time I wore it.

For my one-time application, it did leave my skin feeling more plump and moisturised, but sadly the strong scent outweighs the benefits my skin gain. I think this is a potentially pampering product for my mum though, and the scent may not be a problem for her.

Products I'm Passing On - May 2019

I have two lip products that I’m passing along as well, starting with the GOSH Forever Lip Shine, in the shade ‘008 Spring Fling’. I initially included this in my spring and summer go-to lipstick post, but over time after writing that post, I started to realise that as pretty and glossy as the product is, it’s not interesting enough to me that I’ll actually use it enough to get remotely close to using it up. That to me is wasteful, but I know my mum loves having a lip gloss or glossy kind of formula on hand, and I think this might work for her.

The second lip product I’m passing along, is the NYC Expert Last Lip Colour, in the shade ‘451 Velvety Fuchsia‘. It’s a very pretty bright fuchsia, but I find on my lips it tries to fight with my natural lip colour rather than them working together. Sadly, this means it doesn’t look particularly flattering on the lips, so I want to pass this along to a new home. It’s a cool-toned colour though, and since my mum avoids warmer tones, this might be a good product for her to be experimental if she wants to.

Products I'm Passing On - May 2019

Lastly, a product I was a bit more conflicted on, is the Max Factor CC Colour Corrector in ‘Highlighter‘. To the best of my knowledge, this is intended as a precise face highlighter, but it’s definitely not the right format for me. Like the other colour corrector from this line, the formula is a little bit on the dry side, but this can be somewhat worked with by using it as an inner corner highlight. So awesome, I found a workaround. However, I have so many inner corner highlights on the go right now, that I knew deep down this would fully dry out before I get around to using this. So I’m passing it along now, so it can be used before it does dry out.

This concludes the products I’m passing along from the month of May. It is a very small batch this time around, but I can now put these in my suitcase ready, instead of finding space for them in boxes. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me. I hope you are having a restful weekend, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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