Products I’m Passing On – March 2018

Products I'm Passing On - March 2018

As scheduled, I want to talk about the products from my collection that I’m decluttering, and is purely a makeup edition this time! I haven’t posted one of these since November, and the past month I tried out some of my makeup in my collection again to see how I felt about them. Needless to say, there are lot of products that didn’t make the cut, so these will be seeing their way to my Mum when I visit her, so she can decide for herself if she wants to try them. I accidentally forgot to photograph one lip product in the photo above, because it was hidden at the bottom of the basket, so keep an eye out for an extra product.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Products I'm Passing On - March 2018

Face-Base Products: 

The only base makeup I’m decluttering this time is the Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Concealer Palette in ‘Light‘. I initially liked this palette, as the lightest shade (top left) is actually light enough to match my skin tone, although the photo makes the entire palette look slightly darker than it actually is. So I was ecstatic about finally finding a shade match, but the formula itself isn’t quite right for me to use the entire shade up.

It’s a very light formula, which isn’t bad for me, since I prefer lighter textures, more natural makeup. So there will be days when this isn’t enough for my skin problems, but good for days when I just need to combat minor imperfections. For my oily skin however, the excess oil that builds up a few hours after application breaks down the concealer to a point that’s very difficult to ignore. So for oily skin types, this product isn’t the best fit, but if your skin is drier or on the normal end of the spectrum, this will probably work well for you.

I’m not sure how my mum’s skin is behaving lately, but I figured she might appreciate testing each shade out to find if one works for her and if it works better for her skin. An entire palette was excessive for me, but I have no regrets about purchasing it.

Products I'm Passing On - March 2018

Face Products:

I’m separating cheek products into a separate section, so this section is mostly a highlighter section, but I’ve decided to call it ‘face’ products because there is another palette to be discussed.

Starting with said palette, this is the I Heart Makeup I Heart Definition palette in ‘Fair‘. Off the bat, while it is definitely the lightest palette from the collection, it is too dark for very pale skin tones like mine. For ‘fair’ skin tones this may work well, but I think that is really dependent on having a light hand with your brush. For my very pale skin, even a light hand makes this very difficult to control the pigment. I admit, I’m very cautious about having a lot of pigmentation on my skin, but I have an appreciation for products that allow me to start light and build up the pigmentation. I find this isn’t one of those products for me.

From the palette, I only really reached for the highlighter shade, and occasionally the blush. I very rarely contour or use bronzers since I find they look very strange on me (probably my inexperience and insecurities for this), but on the occasions I tried the bronzing shade, it was too warm and too dark for my skin tone.

The packaging is really nice, as there is a convenient mirror that’s a good size for applying makeup on-the-go, and the lid has a strong snap shut when closed, with some resistance when opening it that reassures me the product is secure.

If the palette’s shades were slightly lighter to suit my skin tone better, I’d be much happier with this product. My mum has a slightly darker skin tone than me, although still on the fair end of the spectrum, so I think this is worth letting her try to experiment with makeup like bronzers and highlighters she normally doesn’t look at, while having the comfort of a blush shade.

The second highlighter TopShop, yep, the clothing retailer, and is from their makeup section. This is the Glow Stick, which I can’t see a shade name for. I’ve had this sat on my makeup stand for several months, but it spends most of its time untouched and ignored. Which is a shame since it’s a beautiful shimmery golden-pearl shade, but the only area I can apply this to comfortably is along my nose. It has a very dry texture, and being in a stick formula this is difficult for me to work with. It’s basically a baked highlighter in stick form, and if it were in a palette or a pan, using a brush to apply the product with would be much easier. I’ve tried using a small highlighter brush and brushing it along the stick but it struggles to pick up product. Instead, I’ve decided I might as well try a new highlighter instead that is more multi-purpose, so there’s a chance I’ll review it in the coming weeks or months when I’ve had time to try it out properly.

This is a product I don’t expect mum to gravitate towards, but I figured she might give it a go. So I don’t want to just outright throw it out.

Products I'm Passing On - March 2018

Blush Products:

Moving on to blush products, there are two I want to pass on. The first I mentioned this product briefly in my Spring Go-To Blush 2018 post, and is the Rimmel Royal Blush Cream Blush in the shade ‘003 Coral Reef‘. This warm toned coral shade is absolutely gorgeous, but for my skin tone I’m noticing it’s a bit too warm for me. The coral base is absolutely beautiful, but the warm shimmers throughout tip the balance a bit too far warm for my neutral-cool undertones. I’m a little sad to pass this on, but if it can find a home that can appreciate it more, I’m okay with it.

A product I’ve gifted to my mum before in the past, is the Benefit Bene Tint, and the product photographed above is the travel size I bought for myself. It’s a nice product, but I find it’s too watery based for me, and it’s too awkward to work with. Since I’ve given this to mum before and she enjoyed it, I have no issues with passing this on to her since it’s a product I know she’ll get use out of.

Products I'm Passing On - March 2018

Eye Products:

The largest section of the post, the first product is the Cherimoya Mascara Classique in the waterproof formula in ‘Black‘. The packaging alone is really interesting, since it seems really unconventional yet convenient since it stood up in my makeup stand much more easily because of the square base. Obviously it didn’t make the cut, and it’s because it was mostly non-existent when I applied it to my lashes. I’m not sure if I was just unfortunate and got a dud, but I just couldn’t get much product to come off the brush, so it’s not worth holding onto.

The first eyeliner is the GOSH Velvet Touch Waterproof Eyeliner in ‘007 Alligator‘. A green eyeliner is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I bought this a few years ago when my mindset at the time was to try and experiment with more colours, and green really compliments my hazel eyes. The shade is absolutely gorgeous, but to use it in a way that fits with my personal makeup style, I need to find a darker shade of green. It’s a bit too light for me to figure out how to apply it in a way that looks good on me.

Another eyeliner, is the Models Own Eyeliner Pencil in the shade ‘Chestnut‘. The product is lovely, and a really nice warm toned brown, but I wanted to cut down the number of liners in my collection. I have another darker brown pencil liner from GOSH (the same line of eyeliner as the green shade I am decluttering) that I prefer to use more, so I decided to let this one go. If you have a warmer and mid-tone brown hair, this could work as a multi-purpose product for filling in brows, but my hair is too dark to do that.

The last eye product is the Max Factor Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow, in a beautiful shade called ‘Golden Green‘. I have the shade ‘Coffee‘ still in my collection, but this particular shade just doesn’t look quite right on my skin tone.

The formula for these eye shadows are really easy to work with, and work well for single shadow makeup looks, but I find green is a colour that’s difficult for me to make work properly. I think a slightly darker shade would have looked better, or slightly cooler toned. So this isn’t a bad product, just not quite the right shade fit for me, sadly.

Products I'm Passing On - March 2018

Lip Products:

As I described in the opening of this post, I forgot to photograph one of the lip products, so we have two to talk about today, not one. Starting with the lip product I did remember to photograph, it’s the W7 Butter Kiss Lipstick in the shade ‘Very Berry‘. The shade itself is right up my alley, but what turns me off the presence of glitters. I can’t stand glitters in lip products, and I have too many lip products that do not have glitters in them to keep this in my collection.

Lastly, a lip product I mentioned in my Spring Time Go-To Lip Products 2018 post is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade ‘002 Pink Pout‘. I quickly decided to declutter this as while the shade is adorable and cute, it just doesn’t look right on top of my natural lip colour, although I desperately wanted it to work.

This concludes the products I’m passing on that I tried out throughout March. It’s always a little sad to pass on products, but I know I’m giving them to someone who will give them a good home.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and that your week is starting off well.

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