Products I’m Passing On – June & July 2019:

Products I'm Passing On - June & July 2019

As it’s the 2nd day of the month, it means it’s time for the monthly installment of the products I’m passing along. These are products that aren’t necessarily bad or awful, but don’t fit my skin or preferences for one reason or another. There is one example of a product I did react badly to, but the majority of the time it’s down to me making the decision of whether a product is worth keeping around, or if I can pass it along to my mum, who might get better use out of it.

As the title probably implies, this is two months worth of products accumulated together, so it’s a relatively big stash of products this time around. So let’s jump in:

Products I'm Passing On - June & July 2019

Starting with skincare, there are two cleansers I’m passing along. The Absolute Care Mud Cleansing Gel is one I’ve written a first impression on recently. On paper this seemed like a really good fit for my skin: it’s a mud-gel cleanser that sounds like it would be perfect for my oily-sensitive skin. However, I didn’t find this lathered up enough to cleanse my skin properly. So I’m passing thing along to my mum as she might like it.

I then picked up the B. Clean Sparkling Water Cleanser, as the concept made me think of bubbling or oxygenated products. However, on the ingredient list, denatured alcohol is second on the list, and my skin could tell. It really irritated my skin and didn’t settle down for several minutes after I washed the cleanser off. While several minutes isn’t a long period of time, when your skin is irritated throughout the time, it feels a lot longer. So I stopped using it immediately, but I know I have sensitive skin, so I want to at least give mum a chance to try it as it may not irritate her skin.

Products I'm Passing On - June & July 2019

One sunscreen that’s moving out of my routine is the Boots Soltan Moisturising Sunscreen. Now let’s be clear: it is absolutely mandatory to wear sunscreen. So while I’m moving this one out of my collection, I have replaced it with a new one. And the reason I’m not keeping this one is because I’m not a fan of spray on sunscreens. I find they’re really messy, and it deters me from using sunscreen (and covering up my body even more instead). To replace it, I’ve picked up a sunscreen that you squeeze out of a tube, and apply it after my facial sunscreen instead, and this works much better for me.

It’s not too old yet to need to throw away, and knowing that my mum goes on trips, especially for weekends away to attend dog shows to see family, she’ll be able to use this up where I won’t.

Products I'm Passing On - June & July 2019

So moving to makeup, we have some samples that have been sat in my sample drawer for years. The first is the Tony Moly Goat Milk Pure SPF30 PA++, and while I haven’t used these samples, I’ve decided it’s time to just pass them along because Tony Moly isn’t fully cruelty-free, and quite possibly won’t be for at least a few more years.

The last samples are ones I pass along with mixed feelings, but these are samples of the Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream in the shades ‘No.13‘ and ‘No.21‘. This is a BB cream that really exploded in the west a few years ago, and these are samples I bought off a seller on eBay several years ago to try it out for myself without committing to the full size tube. Shade ‘No.13’ matches me pretty well, so part of me always wants to hold onto it, but Missha aren’t fully cruelty-free either, so I’ll bite the bullet one day if/when they become cruelty-free. They’re otherwise taking up space in my sample drawer, and I’m trying to downsize.

Products I'm Passing On - June & July 2019

Yesterday I mentioned that I used up the Bourjois 1 2 3 CC Eye Cream in my monthly empties post, and that meant it was time to pull out a new concealer. I had two non-cruelty-free options in my backlog, and the two photographed above are the ones I tried. Both of these products are one I bought way before I went active cruelty-free, and it’s a relief to finally deal with them.

The Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer is the first one I tried, in the shade ‘02 Beige‘. This is ever so slightly too dark for my skin, and in the realm where I can’t quite make it work even in the current summery weather. So this is one that might match my mum as she has a little bit more colour to her skin than me.

So I picked out the last non-cruelty-free concealer from my backlog, which is the Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye Concealer, in the shade ‘Light‘. This is even darker and definitely doesn’t match me. This is a reminder of a time when brands’ shade ranges were much less diverse, and like a lot of people with darker skin tones, a lot of us really pale people also didn’t have shade matches. Thankfully brands are improving on this, but this is one that I’m passing along because I can’t make this shade work at all.

So both of these concealers are ones that I can give to mum and she can find a match from one of them, depending on whether she’s been tanning from this uncharacteristically hot summer, or not.

Products I'm Passing On - June & July 2019

I’m combining face powder and highlighter into one section today, and I’m passing along the GOSH Mineral Powder in the shade ‘002 Ivory‘. This is a product I referred to in my review of the GOSH All in One BB Powder in the corresponding shade ‘02 Sand‘. The reason for that is because the two shades in spite of matching in the numerical system GOSH uses, are quite different shades from each other. The BB powder is a paler shade that I can make work with my pale skin, but the mineral powder made me shockingly orange. It was shocking because in the tub, the shade looks like it should be the same as the BB powder, but applied to the skin, it was a different story entirely.

I nearly ended up passing along the BB powder thinking it had the same problem, but testing it again helped me see otherwise. So as the mineral powder doesn’t match me at all, this is a product I’m passing along to mum as she may find loose powders work for her.

Another product from my backlog from my pre-cruelty-free days, is the Maybelline Master Strobing Stick in the shade ‘100 Light-Iridescent‘. If you’re a fan of really intense highlights, this has the potential to really suit your needs. But as beautiful as it is swatched, that intensity alongside the very pink undertone, does not translate well on my skin.

I have neutral-cool undertones, and that means for me I struggle to work with shades that lean heavily in warm or cool undertones. But shades that lean slightly in one direction or another are ones I can work with, and that’s something I’m learning from experience.

Products I'm Passing On - June & July 2019

One eyeshadow product that I’m passing along is the GOSH Eyelight Trio in the shade ‘002 Fairytale‘, which I featured in my Go-To Eyeshadow for Spring and Summer post. This is one that took me some time to reach this decision, as I like that it filled a gap in my collection. However, as I talk about in my review, the only shade I’m really passionate about is that top shade, which is a gorgeous pink-toned white that I love using as an inner corner highlight. The other two shades are pretty, but they’re in that between space of not being pigmented enough, but also too subtle. That sounds contradictory I know, but if you’ve had the same problem, you probably understand what I’m trying to convey.

I tried to de-pot that pretty white shade, but I was just damaged the shadow instead, so I decided instead that I would pass it along and see if mum might find some use out of it. She likely won’t, but I’d rather give her the choice.

Products I'm Passing On - June & July 2019

Moving to lip products, the first is another pre-cruelty-free purchase. This is the shade ‘405 The Bigger The Better‘ from the L’OREAL Infallible Lip Gloss line, in a matte finish. This was one of those picks that was meant to help me get out of my comfort zone, but I’m just not quite there yet. I struggle to find liquid lip products that really look right on me, and sadly this is one of those products that leaves me feeling more insecure than empowered.

A lipstick I’m passing along is the NYC Expert Last Lip Colour in ‘450 Pure Coral‘. In the bullet and swatched, it’s a very pretty pinky-coral shade, but on my lips it’s another colour that tries to clash with my natural lip colour, rather than work nicely with it. So it looks very awkward on my lips even though the formula is quite comfortable on pre-moisturised lips.

Products I'm Passing On - June & July 2019

Lastly, I’m passing along a makeup brush. I’ve washed this ahead of time, but the E.L.F. Angled Contour Brush is one that doesn’t quite fit my makeup brush collection. It’s a very petite brush, and if I were the type of person to contour, this would work nicely for contouring the narrow areas of the face: like the sides of the nose, the nose bridge, etc. This could also work as an eyeshadow brush for blending, but I have a makeup brush I already like for that purpose. So it’s just sat in my brush collection for a while now and I decided it was time to move on.

That concludes all of the products from June and July that I’m passing along. It’s quite fun to gather these together and talk about them. It’s also a huge weight off my mind to see these leave my home, but ultimately I hope they will serve my mum well.

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