Products I’m Passing On – January 2020:

Products I'm Passing On - January 2020

Happy Wednesday! January was a surprisingly cutthroat month for me in clearing out my makeup collection, so we’ve got quite a few products to chat about. Some of these are ones I should have put to the test sooner so I just happened to really get around to it by chance in the past few weeks. So let’s jump straight in.

Products I'm Passing On - January 2020

Starting with skincare, I tried out 2 micellar type of products that didn’t quite fit me. One of them is the Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water. This is a really nice micellar water and cleanses of makeup really nicely, but the scent doesn’t sit well with me. While my husband appreciates the scent because it smells of vanilla, to me, my nose interprets it as smelling Play-Doh… It brought back some very specific memories of being in playschool which was very odd for me. So while it performs very nicely, the smell is too much for me, so I’m passing it along.

The one I tried before it is the B. Cosmetics B. Pure Micellar Oil, which stood out to me because instead of being a water-based product, it’s oil-based. The instructions describe using cotton rounds to apply to the skin but I found that it did basically nothing for removing my makeup as well leaving my skin feeling greasy afterwards. It may work better as a conventional oil you massage and then wash off, but I work through those types of cleansers so slowly it’s not worth holding onto for me.

Products I'm Passing On - January 2020

Moving to makeup, I decided it was time to let go of the Missha The Style Fitting Wear Pore Cover Primer. This is a product I picked up during my trip to Canada back in 2016. I decided to let this go as I simply don’t feel like I need it anymore. Now that I have my beautiful puppy Kiki in my life, I wear sunscreen daily as she has her daily walks. I find that my sunscreen works great as a primer so I just wasn’t reaching for this primer anymore. It’s not a bad product though, but my routine has changed and it no longer has a place.

I’m passing along one lip product, which is one that I used to love a lot. This is the MUA Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipstick, in the shade ‘World Class‘. I still like this product but it’s just not fitting my tastes right now. And instead of storing it away in a box where I will most likely forget about it, I want to pass it along instead so it doesn’t go to waste.

Products I'm Passing On - January 2020

Moving to a face palette, I’m passing along the I Heart Makeup Go! Palette. This is a really cute and awesome concept, but I simply don’t gravitate to products like these. The blush and bronzer sections are awkwardly shaped so it’s really difficult to dip your brush into them. The highlighter is very pretty but too shimmery for my tastes. The eyeshadow portions along the bottom were a bit meh for me, with only the dark burgundy shade really standing out to me. But it’s not worth holding onto the entire palette for that one exciting shade.

I’m also passing along The Goddess of Love Triple Baked Highlighter also from I Heart Makeup. It’s a gorgeous pink-toned highlighter but it’s way too shimmery and artificial looking on my skin. So if you like a stunning highlighter this is great, but I prefer a more natural glow that’s almost undetectable.

Products I'm Passing On - January 2020

Moving to blush products, I’m passing along the Revolution Blush & Contour Ultra Professional Blush Palette in ‘Sugar and Spice‘. I’ve had this sitting around for quite a while, and was enjoying a couple of shades from this palette. But overall it’s just not one I reach for very often. It’s also one of the most pigmented blushes I’ve ever used, so while the shade range is fascinating and gorgeous, I was always a bit nervous to use it because it will easily look overkill on my very fair skin. So I just don’t reach for it enough or use enough of the shade to justify the bulkiness of the packaging.

I’m also passing along the Essence Mosaic Blush which was sat in my drawers for a while until I pulled it out to try. It’s a very pretty pink blush shade, but the shimmer throughout just doesn’t fit my tastes. I prefer to use matte blushes, and add any highlighting or glow to my skin from other makeup products instead.

This was featured in a Products I’m Passing Along in the past, but I sneakily brought it back into my collection. This is the Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Sweet Cheeks Blush in ‘Hullabaloo‘. It’s a really soft peachy-pink tone, and I really love it, but I prefer to work with powder at the moment, so I want to pass it along (again) before it expires.

Products I'm Passing On - January 2020

We’re going to round things up with some eyeshadows I’m passing along. An eyeshadow palette I’m passing along is the Revolution Redemption Palette in Romantic Smoked. This has been lurking in my collection for a few years and isn’t even opened. I’ve moved this to sit out in the open where I can look at it but it just doesn’t grab me. The colour story just isn’t inspiring for me, so I want to pass this along.

I picked up a Miss Cop eyeshadow palette from TK Maxx quite a while ago, and have been enjoying it for a while. But I’m finding that I only used very specific shades which I can find elsewhere in my collection. So I’m passing it along so it can hopefully get more love and appreciation than I’ve been giving it.

Lastly, I’ve done my best to wrap up 3 shades from the Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Grey Palette. I de-potted the shades I was still interested in, but lately I’ve found the shades I’ve wrapped up in sellotape just aren’t grabbing my attention anymore. They’re still in good condition though, so I think it’s a waste to just throw them away.

This concludes all of the products I’m passing along from January! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy and I’ll speak to you again soon!

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