Products I’m Passing On – January 2019:

Products I'm Passing On - January 2019

It’s that time of the month again, where I talk through the products that were in my collection that for reasons I will discuss, didn’t quite fit in my collection. These are products that I’ll let my mum rummage through and decide if she wants to try them, and if she doesn’t, they then get thrown away. I’d rather give her a chance to look through them and see if they catch her eye, so these products don’t go to waste. She’s probably fed up of me doing this by now, but I feel awful just throwing things away without giving them a chance to find a better home. I was honestly expecting to be skipping this month and combining it with February’s, but apparently I gave the proverbial axe to a lot more products than I had anticipated.

Products I'm Passing On - January 2019

I wasn’t sure how to categorise, so I’m putting skincare and makeup brushes in one this time around. The first is the Superdrug Cleansing Face Mask for sensitive skin, which I wrote a first impression of very recently. It’s a decent face mask, but I’m not a fan of masks that dry down and this one does so very quickly. I have a lot of face masks backed up in my stash that I can afford to be picky, so I figured maybe mum will enjoy this mask instead.

A makeup brush I had been mulling over for a little while is an Eco Tools Buffing Concealer Brush from a travel set I bought a couple of years ago. I don’t really use brushes for blending in concealers, as I prefer to tap with my fingers instead, so I was trying to figure out how to put this brush to use. I experimented with using it as a buffing brush for eyeshadow, and it does the job well enough, but I simply have other brushes I prefer to use more, and I don’t like cluttering my collection more than necessary. So it’s a decent brush, but doesn’t have it’s specific place sadly.

Next we have face-ish makeup products. The first is product I pulled out after decluttering the L’OREAL True Match Foundation and I was looking to test another foundation from my stash since I became aware I can’t just assume they’re air-locked forever. So between the two remaining foundation bottles in my stash, I pulled out the Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation since it’s the older of the two stashed products. This is in the shade ‘40 Light Ivory‘. If I recall correctly, this was the lightest shade at the time but when I tried this on my face it’s way too dark to just blend away and hope for the best. The formula is otherwise fine when blended with a damp sponge, but I can’t make the shade work. My mum however might fit this shade, so this might be something she’ll want to try.

Moving to bronzer, which I rarely use, I pulled out the Barry M Natural Dazzle Matt Bronzing Powder to experiment a bit with bronzing. It’s a tad too red-toned for me, and while I doubt mum will want to make use of this product, I figured it’s worth letting her decide for herself.

A product I’m quite upset to pass along, is the Bourjois Round Pot Blusher in the shade ‘48 Ashes of Roses‘, which I’ve already given to my mum before. I kept this in my collection as it’s a beautiful rose shade that really works really well to give my skin an autumnal touch of colour. And for the most part I adore this product, but as you may be aware, sometimes I pass along products because the scent can be too overwhelming. This sadly is the case for this product too, as the blush has a very strong perfume-y scent to it that is just too much for my nose and stomach.

Products I'm Passing On - January 2019

I’ve split eye products into cream and powder, and I’m going to start with the cream-based products first. A product that I previously liked, but have had a change of opinion on, is the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Leather Effect eyeshadow pot in the shade ‘Creamy Beige 98‘. I initially liked this as a beige base for eyeshadows, but I started to notice recently that it’s not as matte as I prefer. I like to add any shimmer or glitter with other eyeshadows, while keep my base matte so I can decide as I go, rather than committing to any shimmer from the start. It still seems to be in-date though and performing like it should, so I want to give mum a chance to see if it’s the kind of eye product she’d get along with.

A product I feel a bit conflicted about is the New Cid Cosmetics i-Colour pot eyeshadow in the shade ‘Moonbeam‘. It’s a beautiful subtle eyeshadow pot, and I’m passing it along because I have too many products that achieve what I would use this for: which is inner eye highlight. And I thought about this quite hard, and I decided that I prefer convenience so my eyeshadow stick from E.L.F. won over this product because I don’t have to get my fingers grubby whereas I would have had to inevitably with this product. But is a gorgeous sheen that is beautiful, so if you have room for this product in your collection, it’s worth considering. I just want to be able to actually use products up.

Products I'm Passing On - January 2019

The next two were part of a test-it-out phase, where I had three of the Max Factor Excess Shimmer pots, which had been stashed away for a long time. The two you see here are the shade ‘10 Pearl‘ and ‘05 Crystal‘ respectively. I think my photo fails to show it properly, but Pearl is a green-toned shade, and Crystal is a white-silver shade. For me, if I’m going to have a green toned eyeshadow base, it needs to be deep enough to work a green eyeshadow look, which this was too pale for. Crystal faced the same treatment that the New Cid Cosmetics product did, in that I didn’t have room for so many inner eye highlight shades in my collection.

The shade I did keep is ‘20 Copper‘ which I’m still figuring out how I feel about. That particular shade has enough depth of colour to work as a base, but I’m still figuring out if the formula works for me or not. So I’ll likely review that at some point. What I found interesting about these products was how weight each pot was, and I really noticed this when pulling the drawer of my makeup stand open. This is neither positive or negative for me, but I did notice the difference when I took the two shades I’m decluttering out and how much lighter the drawer was.

Products I'm Passing On - January 2019

Moving on to powder based eyeshadows, we’re starting with another Max Factor product, which is the Earth Spirits eyeshadow in the shade ‘105 Terra Firma‘. It’s a pretty deep warm brown shade with minor shimmer in it, and it’s one I’m passing along purely because it’s replicated across my collection a lot. I can’t see myself working through more than one of a single shade at a time, so keeping a single eyeshadow feels wasteful to me. It’s a nice product, so it’s possible mum will push herself out of her comfort zone and give this a loving home.

An eyeshadow I previously really liked is the Essence The Velvets eyeshadow in the shade ‘08 Coral Me Maybe‘. I previously liked this because I could make this awkward shade work, but lately I’m finding myself struggling to work with it. It has shimmers throughout that make it more appealing, but I can’t for the life of me make this look good on me anymore. Instead I look like I have allergies and that’s a struggle I deal with as it is, without the help of my makeup. I think it’s largely down to how pale I am and pinks can look very strange on me.

One more powder eyeshadow I’m passing on is the Revlon ColorStay Shadowlinks in ‘Plum‘. I adore deep purple shades as purple is my favourite colour, but I find myself in disagreement with this shade. I do have this shade replicated throughout my eyeshadow palettes collection, but what annoys me is the packaging’s claim that it’s matte, when I can easily rotate the packaging and see the shimmer throughout. If I’m going to wear a deep shade, it’ll likely be for my crease and since I have hooded eyelids, I prefer to avoid putting shimmer there as it accentuates how little eyelid space I have. So I’m passing this along as it no longer has a place in my collection.

Last of all, I have an eyeliner pencil, which is The Body Shop Eye Definer pencil in the shade ‘Rich Brown‘. I quite like The Body Shop’s products, but I’ve become very picky about eyeliner pencils lately. I adore the GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner, and it’s really influenced my opinion on eyeliner pencils. Compared to GOSH’s pencil eyeliner, this is way too hard and tugs at my eyelids, which I simply don’t want to tolerate anymore. So I’m passing this along knowing I’m content with the type of formula that works for me now.

And that concludes the products I’m passing along from January. Thank you for sticking with me for this long, I really appreciate it. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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