Products I’m Passing On – February & March 2019:

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

Boy we have a long post today! I skipped writing a post last month as I didn’t think there were enough products to justify it, so we’re merging February and March together today. These are all products that are going to be passed along to my mum to pick through and keep what she likes. For reasons I’m going to discuss in this post, these are products that just didn’t make the cut for me. So let’s jump in with February’s products first.

February 2019:

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

Starting with eye-based products, the first is the Max Factor Excess Shimmer in the shade ‘20 Copper‘. This product is a cream based eyeshadow which I tested mostly as an eyeshadow base. It’s a very pretty shade I’d consider a bit more taupe-y than copper, but still very nice. What turned me off is that it’s mostly shimmer rather than a pigmented base. I also prefer to use matte bases for my eyes, so it was overall not the right fit for me.

One brow product I am passing along is the Maybelline Brow Satin Smoothing Duo-Brow Pencil & Filling Powder. I talked about throwing out the shade ‘Medium Brown‘ yesterday in my monthly empties post, but today I’m passing along the shade ‘Dark Brown‘. It just wasn’t quite doing the job I wanted from it, which was defined looking brows. I’m quite particular with my brow products after falling in love with The Body Shop Brow Definer, and I guess it just didn’t live up to its standards.

An eyeshadow stick I’m passing along is the E.L.F. Eyeliner & Shadow Stick which has the shades ‘Glow‘ and ‘Pearl‘. This was for a time my go-to highlight for the inner corner of my eyes, but if you read my monthly favourites post for March, I have other products I love for this job better. It’s still in good shape though, so I think it deserves a home that will actually appreciate it.

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

The last of February’s products are a cheek and lip product. First of all we have the W7 Chunky Cheeks cheek product in ‘New York‘. It’s a stick based cream product that applies fairly well on the skin. It’s a flattering shade of pink for my skin tone, but I that during the colder climate it’s not warm enough apply to the skin in a way that let’s it be blendable. As much as I think the shade is cute, I wasn’t in love with it enough to keep it around.

The next product is one that leaves my head scratching as I’m not sure what it’s specifically called and I had a really hard time finding any information of it online. It’s by L’OREAL though and I bought 3 shades of this product long before I went actively cruelty-free. The product itself is a matte powder lip product which was intriguing in itself. The two shades I’m keeping are ‘004 Oops I Pink It Again‘ and ‘007 Say My Name‘ which are a medium pink and warm red, respectively. These shades are really flattering on my lips and I was going to review them if I could find out what the name of the product is. The shade I’m passing along however is called ‘002 Virgin‘ which on the surface looks like my ideal everyday pink shade. However on the lips it really fought against the natural pigmentation of my lips that the other two shades don’t do. So I’ve decided to pass this specific shade along.

March 2019:

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

Now we’re getting into the bulk of this post. I want to start with hair products this time, with the TRESemmé Salon Finish Hairspray being the bulkiest product of today’s post. If my infrequent discussion about hair products or my hair in general is anything to go by, I’m quite low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I rarely style my hair or use much product, so a bottle this big is excessive. I messaged mum ahead of time regarding this product specifically because of the size, but she happily told me she can never have too much hairspray. With how infrequently I style my hair, if I ever need a new hairspray bottle, I’m going to stick to travel size bottles instead.

When organising my stash recently, I realised I had two unopened travel size bottles of the Trevor Sorbie Frizz Free Smoothing Spray. I’ve kept the other bottle, but I just don’t I won’t need both. I’ll eventually get around to trying this product so I’ll discuss it once I get around to it.

Two products I initially took to Canada and America with me are the travel size bottles of the Aussie Miracle Moist line, with both the shampoo and conditioner. I held onto both of these for a long time in my sample stash thinking I’d get around to using these up. However I went to Canada back in 2016 and they’re still just sitting here. My mum and stepdad take weekend trips from time to time, so she might make use of them instead.

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

I’m passing on a sheet mask which I found a bit too sensitising for my skin. This is the Superdrug Purifying Facial Sheet Mask, and after using another sheet last month, I realised it just isn’t the right fit for my skin. I don’t think this is a bad product, but my skin is finicky at best.

Two samples I’m passing along are the Tony Moly Brightening Foam Cleanser and the Tony Moly AC Control Acne Foam Cleanser. I don’t use foam cleansers anymore as I prefer gel-based cleansers more, so these are two sachets that just will never get used if I don’t pass them along. I’m not sure what mum’s preferences for cleansers are or her skin type at the moment, but I figured it’s worth giving her the option.

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

Moving to assorted skincare product, the first is the Wilko “So Young” Anti-Ageing Hand Lotion. The texture of this formula is extremely light weight which is wonderful, but it leaks through the hole you dispense the product from. This isn’t a big deal as it lived in my desk’s drawer, but I definitely wouldn’t take this in my makeup bag in case the cap opened and leaked. What made me want to pass it on is that while it is moisturising on a basic level, it wasn’t helping treat my eczema that’s been coming back intermittently since early winter. So I want to find a product that better suits my skin instead.

A product I’m sadly passing on that I reviewed recently is the Boots Simply Sensitive Deep Cleansing Mask. I started experiencing unpredictable irritation around the mouth. I’m not sure what the exact cause is, but my best guess is my allergies making my skin more sensitised. The product itself overall isn’t bad, as I don’t think it’s going cause irritation for everyone, but it’s just not the right mask for me anymore.

A product I hoped to really love is the EGLIPS JolieBébé Lip Polish. While it does a good enough job as a lip scrub, what ultimately turned me away from this product is the scent. It has a really sweet artificial candy scent that reminds me a lot of the orange flavoured Starbursts. But it was too intrusive for me, so I’m passing it along.

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

The first batch of makeup products are bases and highlighters. A product I picked up in America during my trip back in 2016 is the L’OREAL True Match Super-Blendable Compact Makeup in the shade ‘N1 Soft Ivory‘. As far as shade match goes, it’s slightly darker than my skin tone, however because the texture is so barely-there, it was quite forgiving. It’s this barely-there coverage that makes me pass this along. When I do apply face products I tend to want some coverage, whether it’s from a foundation, or more often from a concealer. So it doesn’t fit my needs, but it might be a good introduction to face products for my mum.

After decluttering the cream counterpart to this product, I’m passing along the MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Powder Palette. It doesn’t make sense to me to have a powder variation of colour correctors, so while I had good intentions of using it when I bought it, time has changed my mind.

A product that calls itself a blush but is more of a highlighter is the E.L.F. Blush in ‘Gotta Glow‘. It’s a very yellow-toned highlighter and is one I’ve dabbled with here and there for a few months, trying to figure out how I felt about it. Tone-wise, I tend to have an awkward time finding highlighters that fit my neutral undertones, as many lean very warm or very cool, with both not looking quite right on me. This is one that I couldn’t quite decide if it looked good on me. However I decided during March that I was done trying to figure it out as it wasn’t worth the indecision.

During March I grabbed both shades of the previously available MeMeMe Beat The Blues Highlighters, although I settled on passing along the shade ‘Oyster Gold‘. I have the pinker shade still in my collection at the moment, but this is one I also struggled with indecision about. While it’s not too warm, it was mostly a matter of tone working for my pale skin. At a distance it looked okay, but I slowly realised it’s just slightly too dark.

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

There are a handful of blush products this time around, starting with the GOSH Natural Blush in ‘39 Electric Pink‘. This is a gorgeous medium pink shade, but way too intense for my pale skin. I was really upset by this as it’s such a beautiful shade, but I think it will suit mum better as she has a bit more colour to her skin than I do.

Next we have the Maybelline Face Studio Blush in the shade ‘60 Cosmopolitan‘. The packaging is a bit of a strange one as the lid opens upwards and not your conventional outwards. It was a bit strange and frustrating at first. The powder itself is very shimmery and really highlighted the pores on my cheeks. So while I think the pink shade is very pretty, sadly it doesn’t end up looking flattering on me.

A product I’m a little sad to pass along is The Body Shop All-In-One Cheek Colour in ‘Bubblegum’. I used to love this blush years ago, but for reasons I’m not sure of, it just doesn’t look flattering on my cheeks anymore. It’s an entirely matte blush which is what I prefer, but perhaps it’s too bright a pink to look flattering on me.

A cream based blush I’m passing along is the Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush. This is in the shade ‘14 Soft Pink‘. This is the miniature size of this product which I bought years ago, and ultimately this came down to being too intensely pigmented for my skin tone. It’s a struggle, guys.

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

I’m going to split the eyeshadow products into palettes and smaller products, so let’s discuss the palettes first. I’m passing along all 3 of my Revolution Redemption Palettes, which are lined up from 1 to 3, from top to bottom. These are products that have shades I really like – mostly the mattes – but with a major distaste for the shimmery shades. So only parts of each palette is enjoyable for me, so I decided it was time to pass these along as I don’t want to move home again with them. They’re not bad palettes, but being as picky about shimmery textures as I am, I’m basically being extremely nit-picky.

Unexpectedly for me my most reached for of these three palettes is the Iconic 3 which is on the bottom which has very pink-based tones. While I typically reach for more neutral-brown shades, I have smaller de-potted palettes that I reach for instead, and the Iconic 3 did fill a gap in my collection. However I’m not so passionate about this palette to keep it around anymore.

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

An eyeliner you might not be expecting to see as I talked about it in a blog post in my February Empties 2019 post, is the Holika Holika Magic Pole Eyeliner 2x in ‘02 Brown‘. I asked my mum in the end if she’d like to try this liner out after being disappointed with it myself, and she said she’d be happy to try it out. So this moved from being an angry empty, to re-homing it instead. If you want to read my thoughts on the liner itself, check out the empties post I linked above.

A smaller palette I’m passing along is the Collection Little Mix All About The Eyes Palette. It’s a really pretty palette with a mixture of warm and cool tones, but ultimately it doesn’t bring anything new to my collection to make it worth holding onto. However, I was extremely impressed with how pigmented the black shade was so if you manage to find this somewhere and you’re looking for a pigmented black, this is worth considering.

Two NYC products I’m passing along are their Individual Eyes Palettes, which are tailored for specific eye colours. As I have hazel eyes that lean green or brown depending on a given day or my environment, I picked the one for green eyes and brown eyes to work around my eyes’ dynamic pigments. I opened up and tried the palette for green eyes, but haven’t opened the one for brown eyes. The concept is really interesting, but the colour layout isn’t quite how I’d go about my eyeshadow looks, so they’re not worth taking up space for me.

Products I'm Passing On - February & March 2019

On the home stretch we have lip products. The first is the GOSH Forever Lip Shine which is a balmy stick-based product. The shade I’m passing along is called ‘007 Funky Friday‘ which I pictured in my head when I bought it as a pink I could make a gradient lip with. However I was really shocked to find how much shimmer was in the formula. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you probably know I’m not a fan of shimmer in my lip products, so this automatically turned me off. I did try it the lips a couple of times, but it just doesn’t look flattering on me. I am keeping the shade ‘008 Spring Fling’ which is an approachable red. It doesn’t have shimmer in it, so I’m having fun wearing this on days I want a red-based gradient lip.

A lip product I expected to love was the Rimmel Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine in the shade ‘200 Glow-rious Pink‘. In my mind, this was another product I could aim to make a lip gradient with, but the way the pigmentation works makes this shade clash with my lips in a really unflattering way. However I do have the shade ‘300 Pink Rules‘ which is more flattering in spite of being quite a bright pink, so I’ll be playing with that shade more.

Phew… And that concludes the products I’m passing along from February and March. Quite the collection right? I really wasn’t expecting to pass along this many products in such a short time, but I had a really experimental month with makeup during March.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post, it means the world to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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