Products I’m Passing On – August 2018:

Products I'm Passing On - August 2018

Now that my August Empties posts are up, today I’m going to talk about the products I’m passing on from August, which will end up in my mum’s hands to let her decide if she can make use of them. I love sharing makeup with my mum as we end up chatting about the kinds of makeup we like and having a bonding moment. There are a lot of products this month, so I’m going to jump straight in so I don’t bore you.

Products I'm Passing On - August 2018

The only body care product I’m passing on is the Dr. Ceuticals Stretch Mark Solution body moisturiser. I picked this up not for what the name focuses on, but as a general body moisturiser, but I found the formula to be too thick for me. I was hoping the focus on firming and reducing marks might help for healing my body acne, but I found it added more issues because of the thickness of the formula. I may have to explain this to mum so she doesn’t get the wrong idea when I give this to her, but I’m hoping she can find it a good match for her skin as a moisturising body product especially now the weather is cooling down.

Products I'm Passing On - August 2018

I’m passing on a few eyeshadow palettes this month, starting with the E.L.F. Eye Transformer palette, which was sitting in the matte eyeshadow drawer of my makeup stand. I used this recently and found the shades don’t quite mesh with my skin tone and I have other single eyeshadows I prefer to reach for instead.

On the top right is the Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eye Shadow palette in the shade range ‘500 Addictive‘. This is a really pretty neutral toned palette, but I have a lot of single shadows and palettes that encompass these shades so I want to cut this one out of my collection and pass this on to someone who can appreciate it.

The same reasons are being applied to the GOSH Smokey Eyes Palette in ‘02 Brown‘. I’ve gotten some use out of this palette and love how these shades apply over the eyelids, but I have larger palettes I want to work through instead, but the texture is still good enough that I’d rather pass it on to a new home.

The last palette is the B. B. Complete Eyeshadow Palette in the shade ‘117 Dead of Night‘, which if I remember correctly, was a limited edition Halloween palette. I love the dark purple tones of this palette but I have a different palette with these colours I prefer more. I never touched the dark beige colour which is a cream base as it’s too dark for my skin tone.

Products I'm Passing On - August 2018

There are a couple of eyeshadow singles I’m passing on as well, which includes the L’OREAL Color Riche Gel-Infused Eyeshadow single in the shade ‘206 Little Beige Dress‘. This is a really pretty shade but I find myself reaching for less sparkly eyeshadows in the same sort of shade instead. I find it’s a bit chunky in texture but I’m not sure if mine is a dud.

The Body Shop Colour Crush mono eyeshadow in the shade ‘010 Smokin’ Hot‘ is unopened as I simply cannot make gunmetal shades work for me, and figured this out from gunmetal shades in palettes. So I have no guilt passing this one on as it hasn’t been opened yet and might work for mum if she ever wants to create smokey makeup looks.

A single eyeshadow I tried out again recently is my NYC City Mono Eyeshadow in the shade ‘921 Pink Whisper‘. As cute as this shade is, it gives my pale skin hayfever syndrome, but I’m hoping mum might be able to make this shade work. I do like the formula though and I’m currently waiting to test out the shade ‘910 In Vogue‘ which is a deep, warm purple shade on my eyelids again. I was considering decluttering that shade too because of the purple-themed palette I’m swapping into the front of my collection, but it’s apparently not a duplicate shade so I want to hold onto it.

Products I'm Passing On - August 2018

Moving on to other eye products, I’m quite conflicted but pushing myself to pass on my Etude House Bling Bling Eyeshadow Stick, in the shade ‘#01 Shooting Star‘. I absolutely love this eyeshadow stick but I find myself not reaching for it because it’s too stark white for me and my preferred makeup looks right now, and it deserves a good home. I would definitely repurchase this is another shade though, particularly any beige or champagne shades that would look just a little bit more subtle.

Speaking of more natural shades, I’m passing on the highlighter end of my Hard Candy Brows Now! Brow Fiber Gel + Highlighter, where I emptied the brow end in my July Empties 2017. This is a really lovely highlighter that I used consistently to highlight my inner eyes, but I know I’m not going to work through this fast enough. I think this applies with a natural enough look that mum would make use of this, otherwise I’d just throw this out.

One eyeliner is the Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in the shade ‘003 Black‘. This has been my dedicated black eyeliner for a while, but I cannot agree with the applicator. The pigmentation of the formula is incredible and intense, but I simply do not like the applicator and would rather pass this on than proverbially throw myself at a brick wall. So now I’m just going to work through my gel eyeliners and by new liquid eyeliners once I’ve given them a go.

Products I'm Passing On - August 2018

Blush products next, I’m passing on the Mememe Cherub’s Blush Cheek & Lip Tint, which I opened up recently for the first time after years in storage. It suffers from the same issue as the Benefit Benetint where the applicator irritates my lips. Although the shade is gorgeous on the cheeks, I think this would be more flattering on my mum who has a bit more colour to her cheeks. I also prefer powder based blushes more and don’t want to see this product go to waste.

The Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush in the shade ‘Charmed‘ is a beautiful muted dusty pink, and lovely for autumn and winter, but I have shades in powder formulas I prefer more.

A classic I know mum will be quite pleasantly surprised to see is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in the shade ‘050 Live Pink‘ and a product I’ve seen in her makeup collection over the years. I like this blush but I’m trying to streamline my collection a bit and there are other shades I find myself reaching for more. I know this will be well-loved though.

Products I'm Passing On - August 2018

Moving on to the first of two lip product sections, the first lip products I’m passing on are the Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laques in the shades ‘04 Viens si tu Roses‘ and ‘07 Fuchsia Perché‘. While the shades are very pretty, they’re quite repetitive shades in my collection. I liked to make these work by blotting down in layers to create a satin-matte effect on the lips.

Two lip products that I had mixed feelings on for a long time are the I Heart Revolution Lip Geek Lipsticks, which I owned in the shades ‘I Sold Out‘ and ‘Just Have Fun‘ which were shades of reds. They’re pretty shades but I don’t reach for them enough and I think it’s partially because I do not like the packaging. I’d rather give this to a home that will appreciate them.

Two lip glosses that have sat on top of my makeup stand but I never opened are the E.L.F. Glossy Glosses in the shades ‘Funky Fuchsia‘ and ‘Wild Watermelon‘. While the shades are absolutely gorgeous and I completely understand why I gravitated to them, I simply don’t wear lip glosses, but I know mum does. I actually went through my entire makeup collection looking for any lip glosses I bought and the remaining ones are in this post.

Popular lip products I’m removing from my lip collection are the NYX Xtreme Lip Creams in the shades ‘Bonfire‘ and ‘Pinky Nude‘. This is another situation where the shades are gorgeous, but the formula is too glossy for my tastes, so I just don’t see a reason to keep holding onto these.

Same thing with the GOSH Lip Laquers which I owned in two red shades called ‘008 Dangerous Lips‘ and ‘006 Funky Lips‘. I’ve learnt my lesson not to buy lippies with the term ‘laquer’ in the name, as the shiny appearance just doesn’t suit my tastes anymore. I prefer more matte or satin looks for my lips so I’m slowly getting my makeup collection to a point where it reflects that.

Products I'm Passing On - August 2018

The last of the lip products are mostly lipsticks, starting with the GOSH Velvet Touch Lip Liner in the shade ‘007 Pink Pleasure‘. This is a beautiful vibrant summery pink shade, but I rarely use lip liners, and just as rarely this shade of pink. While I am passing on this specific shade, I do have the shades ‘002 Antique Rose‘ and ‘003 Cardinal Red‘ which I’m far more likely to make use of.

One last gloss is The Body Shop Lip Gloss, which is a mostly clear gloss. This hasn’t been opened at all, so I feel okay with passing this on to mum who will likely make use of it.

The Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stick in the shade ‘975 Divine Wine‘ is a gorgeous matte wine shade, but the formula is too drying for my lips. I’m most likely to wear this kind of shade in the autumn and winter, and if the formula is too drying for my comfort, there’s little reason for me to keep it when there will be more comfortable products out there that will suit me better.

A makeup product I somewhat regret buying is the Top Shop Lipstick in the shade ‘Red Lippy’. I don’t regret the money going to charity that was part of the sale of this product, but I would rather have given the charity the money directly than have this product instead. While it’s a nice shade of red when swatched, the formula is unbearably dry and I simply never wear it for that reason.

Last of all, a product I talked about a few years back is the MUA Intense Kisses High Intensity Gloss, which is more like a liquid lipstick in texture which I have in the shade ‘Kiss and Tell‘. I loved this product at the time of writing, but as my tastes changed, I simply don’t like the shimmers that are present in the formula, so I plan to pass this on while it’s still in good condition.

And this concludes the products I’m passing on from August. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy and I’ll speak to you again very soon.

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