Products I’m Passing On: October 2016 #2

October Declutter 2016

I intended to post this yesterday but got a little distracted, so here is the final part of October’s declutter, which is specifically makeup. I was going to split this in half, but I think I’ll use this as an exercise to write concisely and see how it goes. I won’t faff about too much, so let’s jump in!

October Declutter 2016

Starting off with makeup brushes, I have two that I’ve decided to pass on, which have each been good-ol’-reliables in their own ways. The first (top) is one I found in TK Maxx for less than £5.00 a few years back when I was investing money into trying different types of makeup brushes, and was one I used for my eye makeup, usually for deepening my outer corners. It’s still a good brush and while slightly tired looking, very good. But I was hunting a dense crease brush and the ones I liked in TK Maxx came with a complimenting brush like it, and I prefer it more.

As for the second brush, this is a Revlon dual-ended makeup brush. It’s one that’s aimed for lining eyes on one end (the left) and then a smudging end. Honestly, I only used the angled end for my brows on the rare occasions I used powder to fill in my brows. I think both brushes will be loved by my Mum, who appreciates variety in  makeup brushes, but doesn’t really have the time like I did in uni to go exploring.

October Declutter 2016

Moving to the only face product, this is the Max Factor Instant Enhancer Complexion Enhancer CC Cream, in the shade “40 Fair“. Any pale folks will know how hard it is to find any face products that match, and this is slightly too dark in all honesty, but blended enough it’s not instantly noticeable. But it’s getting colder and my complexion is looking paler and pastier, and now I can’t get away with it. Mum though, self tans a bit so she might be able to use it. Honestly, I would rather try Korean CC Creams and face products if they go pale enough.

October Declutter 2016

Moving on to cheek products, I have a couple to share. I apologise for the blurriness of my photos, my cat insists that when I want to photograph for my blog, that that’s when I MUST cuddle him, and will not leave me alone. Any cat owners relate? Back to the makeup: the first is the Makeup Revolution Blush in the shade “Love“. I was a little nervous picking this when I bought it, but since I don’t typically buy more muted shades for a super-subtle blush, I took the plunge anyway. But this looks too warm and muddy on my pale neutral-cool skin that I just couldn’t quite pull it off, unfortunately.

As for the second, this is by Miss Sporty, and is the Morning Baby! Cream Blush in the shade “001 Pink Flush“. It’s a pretty colour and texture is watery enough to not feel like a chore to blend over the cheeks, but I have a love-hate relationship with cream based products, so it’s just one of those things where it wasn’t quite right for my skin type to justify it hanging around in my collection.

October Declutter 2016

There are only a couple of eye shadows, so let’s discuss those. The first is a Maybelline Color Tattoo in the shade “45-Infinite White“. I like the Color Tattoos for the most part, but this was just a shade I don’t know how to pull off. I was being daring picking it, and I’m not daring enough to wear those amazingly bold looks to justify it. I prefer natural or subtle looks, and when I go bold, it’s probably not that bold by a lot of makeup users’ standards. #shygirl no?

The final eye shadow was a freebie from a Boots event I attended while I was still in uni in Cardiff, and is by No.7 from the Stay Perfect range. Unfortunately because it’s a small sample size, it doesn’t say the shade name on it, but it’s a soft lavender shade, but it just didn’t quite look right on my eyelids, so I’m passing it on.

October Declutter 2016

The final section are lip products, and we have a few… Starting with lipstick/glosses, we have the Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick in “Rule Breaker“. it’s a dark vampy type of shade, which attracted me to it, but applied it tugs and hurts my lips, and I have plenty of other formulas in shade like this that I prefer.

You might be panicking next as the Benefit Coralista lip gloss didn’t meet my standards, but that’s not really the fault of the product itself. For starters I’m not really a lip gloss person, so I wasn’t expecting to be in-love with it. On the other hand, I bought this just before Christmas one year in uni when they did a 4 for £10 kind of deal on their minis and thought this was a chance to try it. I’ve since kept it stored away from sunlight, etc and tried it and don’t find it looks great on me. I have also gifted this to my Mum before and she adores it, so you can see where this one is going, right?

Moving to twistables, we have three to talk about. The first is the NYX Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippie, in the shade “05 Sex on the Beach“. The formula and texture was really nice and I’m a little upset to be passing this on, but it just didn’t look flattering on my lips. I expected some warmth in this colour, but on my lips, it was just too much. So with a little bit of sadness, I’m re-homing it.

Another formula I liked but had issues with the colour, is the B. Vibrant Lip & Cheek Colour in “119 Prom“. I thought this would be a great my-lips-but-better kind of shade for the lips, or another attempt at a muted blush shade on my cheeks, but unfortunately on my lips it came out a weird pink that I don’t know how to describe, and on the cheeks was very tough to blend in such a way to look flattering on my skin.

The final product of this entire post is the Seventeen Lip Crayon, but unfortunately I can’t find the shade name or number on it. It’s a super bright fuchsia-pink shade but looks a bit too bright for me to pull off. I’m not too upset though as it was a freebie from spending over a certain amount during a one-off shopping trip in Bristol.

And that rounds up what has turned into a very long post! Thank you for taking the time to read it, it really means the world to me. I’ve been having a slump lately regarding my blog, but I promise I’m trying to keep the spark going. I love you so much and please take care.

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