Products I’m Passing On – November 2017

Products I'm Passing On - November 2017

So after skipping October, I have two months worth of products that I passed on, and I want to share them with you today and talk about what made me declutter them from my collection. These were all passed on to my Mum, as is my habit. There are a lot of products to talk about so I’m going to just jump right in.

Products I'm Passing On - November 2017

First off hair related products. The Mark Hill Flirty Fix! Texturising Polish was a hair styling product that just proved to me how low maintenance I am with my hair. I have a difficult enough time keeping my hair feeling fresh, that anything that’s remotely non-water textured makes my hair feel even heavier and greasier than it insists on being anyway.

Next are some glasses shaped hair clips I bought rather randomly in Wilko, and again – I’m just low maintenance with my hair and have simply never used them. The same thing for the hair clips on the right – I use hair velcros for pinning back my fringe/bangs or use large hair clips if I don’t want to use a hair tie.

Products I'm Passing On - November 2017

A skincare tool, I passed on my Botanics Facial Brush, which can be bought from Boots here. I think this is a nice product, but it was just a bit too large for my face and as my skin is slightly sensitive, I found the bristles to be a bit too scratchy and uncomfortable. I know Mum’s skin isn’t as sensitive as mine, so I cleaned this up so she could try it out.

Products I'm Passing On - November 2017

Moving on to make up brushes, I’m passing on my Precision Beauty Eyeshadow Brush – which was just overlapping in my collection with an eyeshadow brush from EcoTools I prefer more. The second is The Body Shop Line Softener sponge brush. I kept this brush around for a long time since I figured an occasion would come up where I would need it – but with my move that took place in November, I decided there was no point holding onto it any longer. It’s a nice sponge/brush but I had to strict with myself.

Products I'm Passing On - November 2017

Eye products -there’s a lot to talk about here. I didn’t get the chance to write down all of the shade names in my rush to pack up the old apartment, but I’ll do my best to describe them. The first is the Bourjois Colorband 2-in-1 Eyeshadow Stick and Liner, which I had in the shade ‘Mauve‘. The shade itself was okay on my skintone, but I found my specific shadow stick to be quite dry and tugged too much on my skin. I think it’s possible my apartment was too cold and it hardened the product up a bit, but I just didn’t love this product enough to wait around for spring or summer.

An eyeliner I passed on was the GOSH Xtreme Liquid Gel Eyeliner. I think this is the last of my two shades that I previously owned, but I found the texture to be a little bit too tricky to work with. It had a habit of collecting at the roots of my eyelashes and behaving really similarly to when you over-apply mascara and it builds up at the roots before it has a chance to dry down. The shades I had were really nice, but I think the application just doesn’t suit me. I think if these shades were in a pen style applicator, I would have been much more satisfied.

On the right, I passed on a The Body Shop Eyeshadow single. Unfortunately, I can’t find the singles on their website to reference, but I passed this specific shade on because the warm orangey tone just didn’t work for my skin tone. I have a neutral-cool skin tone and I just couldn’t find the balance to make the warmer tone work. However, I have other single eyeshadows in different shades, so it’s not the formula itself I had problems with.

Two of my Essence Eyeshadows are also being passed on, as I found that they just didn’t look quite right on my skintone. I experimented with them several times and some looks looked ‘okay’ and others I just wasn’t satisfied with. I couldn’t make them work consistently, so I decided it was time to pass them on to someone else who might enjoy them.

Lastly for this section are two loose eyeshadow products, unfortunately I can’t remember the exact name of the brand, although they aren’t listed on Debenham’s website anymore which is where I bought them, so I assume they’re no longer sold anyway. I think I may still have some of the other loose shadows in different shades, but a quick look through boxes to find them has proven unfruitful. These were originally part of a large insist that included a large eyeshadow palette, lip gloss palette within a large box setup that over the years I’ve decluttered. These specific shades just don’t really fit within my personal tastes so I decided it was time to just pass them on.

Products I'm Passing On - November 2017

For the last section, I have put a highlighter and lip balm together. The highlighter is the MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter. This is the shade ‘Pink Shimmer‘ if I’m not mistaken and although the shade is gorgeous, it’s just too intense on me. I initially expected a soft pinker toned highlight to complement the slightly cooler tones of my skin, but what took me off guard is the colour shifts within the powder at certain angles. It’s a gorgeous product and I definitely recommend it for anyone who likes really impactful highlighters like it – but for me, it’s just too much. I prefer a more natural ‘glow from within’ sort of makeup look, whereas this highlighter has a ‘bam, disco ball’ sort of look. If this is your cup of tea, then this is perfect for you, but it’s a bit too intimidating for me so I simply avoided using it. But it’s gorgeous and deserves a home.

Lastly, is a lip balm I expected to fall in love with. I wrote my ‘Review: Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm‘ post where I talked in detail about my experience with the beeswax version of the lip balm, and days after I posted it, I moved on to the pomegranate version as my beeswax one had started to go off. The lip balm itself is really moisturising and soft on the lips, but what made me immediately put this in my ‘products to pass on’ basket was the scent. If you like the smell of pomegranate you can look past this comment, but for me it was nauseating and extremely unpleasant.

These were all of the products I’m passing on from October and November. There were a lot. Thank you and well done for reading this far, I hope it was informative. My blog might have a slow month throughout December as I unpack into my new home, and Christmas time makes life a bit busy again, but I will write up posts as content ideas come to me, so I hope you will give them a read.

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