Products I’m Passing On – March 2017:

Products I'm Passing On March 2017

While I’m not wearing makeup much at the moment, as I get settled in my new home and really get back into freelancing, I do have enough products from the past month to discuss products that I’m passing on. This usually means giving them to my mum to try them out before potentially being binned, as I hate being wasteful, but don’t want to give the products I’ve used on my own face to strangers as that’s stepping on an awkward boundary.

To kick things off, I’m going to talk about the one skincare product that I trialed for a while at my boyfriend’s place before we moved in together, that just didn’t work well for me. This is the Botanics Microdermabrasion Polish Radiant Youth exfoliator. The topic talks about providing “renewed radiance” but for me, this was far too abrasive even dampened and mixed with water in the shower, and left my skin red and irritated. I expected this to be a contender alongside the St. Ives Timeless Facial Scrub which I’ve reviewed and absolutely adore, but I was greatly disappointed.

Products I'm Passing On March 2017

The texture at first sight doesn’t seem too bad but once I started smoothing this over my skin, the grittiness of the exfoliating particles really shows itself. I chalk this down to the fact that my skin is somewhat sensitive, and since moving homes, my skin has become more so, and the effect of this exfoliator was even more emphasised. It was a shame, as I had planned to set my St. Ives Timeless Facial Scrub aside to really test this one out to review properly, but I simply can’t use this over a long enough period without risking harm to my skin. I don’t know if my mum really uses exfoliators much, but I do want to give her a chance to try this out as she may not have the same irritation issue that I had. She has similar skin issues to me, minus sensitivity to the level that I seem to experience, so this could work well for her.

Moving on the the first makeup product however, we have the Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara by Kate Moss in the shade “007 Eye Rock Emerald“. I will be honest, I rarely wear mascara as I find the effort of removing every bit of it at the end of the day tedious, however, I wanted to at least give this one a try as the emerald green shade concept was something I wanted to finally try out. Honestly… I saw little difference to the impact of my lashes generally, let alone any difference in terms of the colour. I was quite disappointed. However, because I didn’t notice migration of mascara from my lashes to my under eyes, I figured this was at least a subtle option for my mum to try. I know, it let’s me feel less guilty about just throwing it out. #noshame

Next is a lip product that for a while I started out having an ‘okay’ opinion about. This is the MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balm, in the shade “French Violet“. To start off, I quite like the formula of this product, it’s extremely moisturising and leaves a glossy look on the lips without the need for shimmer (a personal preference thing) or without being gloopy.

Products I'm Passing On March 2017 But I did make the mistake of applying this balm product on top of another balm in spite of allowing time to let the first settle. This significantly toned down the pigmentation so that this shade originally started out looking wearable on me, but when I applied it on its own as a lip balm… The colour itself swatched looks beautiful. I think it’s a very sweet and fun colour, but on my lips, it’s too yellow under-toned and so strong that I had a huge reality check moment as I was going to wear this colour right before streaming… I check my stream preview and see how crazy I looked in the webcam and had to quickly wipe it off and just apply a clear lip balm to replace the balm.

I have other shades from this line that I’m looking forward to eventually trying though, so it’s definitely a shade choice for me. I know this colour will look great on some people, but on me, it was a no-go.

Finally, we the Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks which as a concept, I thought was fantastic. The idea is that you can pick out these tiny little cubes and link them together to form mini palettes. Strangely, these are actually nicely sized shadows as I haven’t heard of many people finishing a single eye shadow, and these are less risky in size if you want to try out a new colour or find a variant to accompany palettes that lack certain shades.

Products I'm Passing On March 2017

The shades I am decluttering though are “Petal” and “Taupe“. I have a gunmetal shade in my collection still that I am trying to test out, but for the past month, I used these two shades together in a simple eye makeup look, and found myself a little underwhelmed. I am intimidated by extremely pigmented eye shadows, but as my confidence is beginning to grow, I’m past the point where products that are lacking can be excused every time. Now, if a shadow is a bit strong, I practice techniques to blend better or apply more appropriately.

I do think these are great for people who do stick to very subtle makeup looks or want to experiment with new colours without the risk of money or large amounts of space being taken up (they are tiny and cute~), but as someone who spent a lot of money throughout university collecting makeup obsessively, I’m at a point now where, even though I’m not spending money on makeup at the moment as my finances are tight, I have enough right now to discern the stuff that’s worth keeping from what isn’t.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. It’s really fun talking through what goes on in my head with products. It’s easy for me to want to dedicate specific review posts to every single product I’ve ever bought, but the balance of my posts would end up being quite negative as I do have very specific standards for what works for me. I try to be as critical as possible and accommodate other people’s needs in my reviews, but it’s easy for that to get lost when my dominating opinion can overshadow that. I enjoy talking about these products briefly as I feel like my posts remain more balanced and not just posting to ‘whine’ or speak less lovingly of products more frequently.

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