Pre-Move Honourary Empties 2018:

Pre-Move Honourary Empties 2018

Happy Friday! Today I’m going to talk about a slightly different type of ’empties’ before September truly rolls around, and these are products that I will be throwing out the final day of the move regardless of whether they’re truly empty, and I’ll talk through my reasoning for each product as I go through them. I’ve been working through decluttering and streamlining my skincare and makeup collection for several months, hence certain months being particularly ruthless. This batch of products is open to expansion if I happen to find more items, but these are the ones that I pulled out that definitely will be tossed away, and there are some products I was confident would be true empties instead.

We’re approaching the lead-up month where we’ve given notice to our landlord, ISP, etc so this is where the clock feels like it’s ticking down, and I’m really kicking into gear with preparations. Cosmetics is one of the few things I fully unpacked in our apartment as I spend a lot of time reviewing cosmetics products because of my beloved blog, so it’s stuff I need to organise and get ready to re-pack. Otherwise it’s my PC which will be packed on the final day as I work from it. My books, clothes, etc were either partially unpacked or weren’t unpacked at all, so I saved myself some work since we knew our time here was a transitional phase for us. My books for example I didn’t bother unpacking because we didn’t plan on buying a bookcase until we moved into a more long-term apartment, so they’re all in boxes except for a few books I bought since moving here.

With all of that explained, let’s jump in!

Pre-Move Honourary Empties 2018

Starting off with skincare bits and pieces, the first is The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist, which has sat in one of the drawers of my desk for a very long time, and has been in my collection for longer than necessary. I’ve kept this in my drawer for a long time expecting to pull it out and spritz when I need it, but I simply never do. If it weren’t for how old it was I’d pass this on to mum, but it’s years old and I don’t think it’s safe to pass on. You may have noticed as well this is the old The Body Shop packaging, and apparently they don’t even retail this anymore from looking on their website.

A product I reviewed very recently is the Crazy Rumors Mint Chocolate 100% Natural Lip Balm. This is another product that sits in one of the drawers on my desk, and it continues to sit either in or on my desk at all times within easy reach. While I gave this a relatively positive review, I expect to work through this throughout following month, so I’ll be okay with throwing this out knowing it’s been well loved. As our moving plans adjust, this may be one I bring with me throughout the move then throw out after, but we’re still figuring out the logistics.

A bathroom ‘tool’ of sorts is the Botanics Deep Cleansing Cellulose Sponge[s], where the one I’m actually using is sitting in the bathroom. So what you see there is the backup I will be pulling out after the move. By the time we move, it’ll be the right time to throw out my current one so this makes it an honourary ’empty’ for that reason. I absolutely adore these sponges, and use it to wash off my cleanser. It’s extremely kind to my oily-sensitive skin, and I hope I can always get hold of these.

Pre-Move Honourary Empties 2018

Moving on to body and hair care next, I want to talk about my Ivory Clean & Simple Original Scented Body Wash which I picked up during my trip to Canada and & America which I hauled back in February 2016. So yea… It’s quite old, and I still haven’t worked through this on my own over the 2+ years I’ve owned it. I have absolutely loved it though, and if it were available in the UK, I’d repurchase it.

As for hair, all of these products are extremely old and it’s time to throw them out and this move is the excuse to do so. The two products I’ve loved the most though are the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner and the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray. The Aussie leave-in conditioner is what I spritz through my hair just before I hair dry my hair, while the Frizz-Ease is my go-to if I use my hair straighteners.

The Lee Stafford I Hate My Hair The Day It’s Washed Solution Spray is a product that I have put some use to, but it overlaps in purpose with my Aussie leave-in conditioner, so I found myself rarely reaching for it. It’s not really a bad product, but it’s also quite old and since I’m not really using it anymore, it’s time to throw it out since it’s not safe to just pass it on.

The dry shampoo I’ve kept out ready to use is the Co Lab Sheer Invisible Dry Shampoo in the Tokyo Oriental fragrance. I don’t really use dry shampoos as I wash my hair every other day because my scalp is quite oily, but I do like to keep one around just in case or for when I travel. This particular can has been open for a couple of years so it’s just time to throw it out and move on to a new one.

Out of curiosity I picked up a dry conditioner a few years ago, which is the Charles Worthington Soft & Smooth Dry Conditioner. It was an interesting product concept to me to pair with a dry shampoo, but I have never needed it, since my scalp is where my hair gets it’s oily texture from, so a dry conditioner makes no sense for me as I don’t put conditioner near my roots. So it’s by no means a bad product, just doesn’t fit my personal needs.

Pre-Move Honourary Empties 2018

Moving on to make up now, my two go-to powders are the Collection Pressed Powder and Maybelline Matte Maker Mattifying Powder. I mentioned both of these posts in my Summer Makeup Favourites 2018 post, where I talk about them in more detail, but it’s time to accept that I’ve hit pan, and to take the opportunity to make room for two new powders to test out. They are very much loved though, and I can’t recommend them enough if you have oily skin and are also very pale like me.

The concealer I’ve been dedicated to using up is my E.L.F. Under-Eye Concealer & Highlighter which may or may not end up being a true empty by the time I move. I haven’t touched the highlighter end because the shade looks too daunting for me, but I’ve loved this concealer for light weight and subtle spot-concealing. I would definitely look at repurchasing this if I could get just the concealer end on its own.

Pre-Move Honourary Empties 2018

The final makeup section are lip products, and the first are the Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet, in the shades ‘05 Fuchsiamallow‘ and ‘04 Ravie en Rose‘. These are both products and shades I’ve reached for a lot throughout the summer and because of their liquid formula, I’ve decided it’s safer to just toss them out. I’m keeping these out to continue using until the last couple of days before the move, but since I want to make room for autumn shades, these are lip products that would otherwise be put away for several months until spring comes around. My best guess is they’d start separating by then, so I want to throw them out now so they don’t have to be packed away for a trip they don’t need to join me on.

Similarly, my Boots Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in the shade ‘Crimson‘ is one of the first products I ever bought, so it’s many years old. It’s still in good shape, but I want to respect expiry dates. In spite of being extremely cheap/affordable makeup as a brand, this is an unsung hero of a product.

The ‘moisture shine’ in the name is a bit misleading in my opinion, as it applies mostly matte on my lips. What I love is the flexibility with the product. If you want a defined lip look, this achieves that – especially with a lip liner. If you want to try a Korean style gradient lip, this product lets you do that as well. I would have used this product more often if it were in a shade I’d actually reach for. Crimson is a gorgeous shade, but I wear red lip colours on special occasions at best. I would happily buy these in shades I’d reach for if my local Boots stocked their own brand, so I’m hoping the local Boots near my new apartment will have these available.

It’s worth noting that this is the old packaging for this lip product, and Boots has revamped the line since I bought mine. I personally prefer the older packaging, and I’m hoping the formula hasn’t changed too much or at least not in a negative way.

This sums up the honourary empties for September 2018. I plan to skip a proper September empties post because of the move, but I wanted to mention some guaranteed ones in its place instead, since we’re moving just before the end of the month, and it’ll feel like cheating to shorten the month down for the post.

So thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means a lot to me. It’s going to be an active weekend of posts as I plan to segment my August empties to be much easier for you to read. So if you’re craving to see what I’m getting rid of, I encourage you to keep an eye out for those posts. In the meantime, I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon!

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