Paint Tool Sai: Pokémon Vulpix Fan Art

Pokemon Vulpix by Hollypop1993 on DeviantArt

From my first live stream on Twitch’s Creative category, I used Paint Tool Sai to complete this Pokémon fan art request. It was requested by the user and regular to my live stream, Lectril. Honestly, I’m quite happy with how it turned out. It was an impromptu change of activities on my channel, after getting frustrated and tired while playing Super Mario Sunshine (the sand bird stage was just, ugh).

The piece was completed within one stream, from basic construction lines to the final coloured piece, with the exception of very subtle highlighting which I added off-stream. The image you see above is directly linking to my DeviantArt page, and is where I will publish future art pieces I have completed if you are interested in looking.

If you would like to look at another art piece I have completed, my most recent illustration can be found here. I completed the fan art using a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet, with a 7 inch work space.

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