October Empties 2018:

October Empties 2018

Happy 1st of the month! While it’s still the 31st of October for me, I’m writing in advance as I’m currently under the weather with the flu… I know, I should just not be writing, but I’m feeling compelled to get as much content ready as possible while the energy is with me. So if you see a gap in content later this week, then it’ll be because I’m making myself rest. However, I aim to stick to schedule so long as my health lets me. I wanted to address this now, since I think it’s important you’re aware of what’s going on. I take pride in being as punctual as possible, including with my blog and I tend to be harsh on myself if I don’t meet my set deadlines. It’s also important to me that I provide consistent content to you, and I think transparency is important if that consistency needs to change.

With that aside though, today I’m going to go through my empties from October, and I’ve worked through a lot… Much more than I was anticipating. Some of these aren’t ‘true’ empties, but I’ll explain them in detail. So without further ado, let’s jump in!

October Empties 2018

Starting with skincare, the first is my beloved COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner. I reviewed this product earlier this year, so if you want my detailed thoughts on this product, I encourage you to read it. But to TLDR; I absolutely adored this product and I have no regrets purchasing it. While I’m working on a Western alternative to this type of product, I find myself longing for another bottle of this product. The brand is allegedly cruelty-free, so since going cruelty-free in the past couple of months, I’m relieved this is a brand still available to me.

Another toner I emptied is the Garnier Skin Active Soothing Botanical Toner with Rose Water, which I’ve also reviewed. It’s an okay toner, but definitely not one I’m excited about. Garnier as a brand is allegedly not cruelty-free at the time I’m writing this post, so while I’d like to try more of their products, I won’t be doing so unless they change their policy.

October Empties 2018

The next skincare item I used up is my sample/travel size of the Clinique Custom-Repair Serum, which I wrote a first impression post on this product. I used for quite a long time after writing that post, and overall quite liked this serum. While I do thing it’s way too expensive for me to personally justify buying the full size bottle, I did enjoy the process of using it so I have no regrets with that.

The next skincare item in my empties is The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil. I absolutely loved using this product, and I also reviewed it. I highly advise it for oily and acne prone skin, and if you have sensitive skin like I do, I’d ask a member of staff in store if they’d consider giving you a sample to try before you commit to a purchase. I want to get hold of the larger 20ml bottle down the line, but for now I’m testing out a different product which I’ll review in the near-future.

October Empties 2018

Moving on to the last batch of skincare related products, this is a product I was heavily disappointed by. This is the Elemental Herbology Perfect Clarity Blemish Minimiser, which I intended to try out as my replacement for my The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil when it ran out. The concept of the product and its claims really intrigued me when I picked this up in TK Maxx around a year ago, but when I opened this up and tried clicking the product to push up through the tube to the brush head… Nothing. I can’t get this product to dispense at all, and I was convinced it was entirely empty yet I can smell the product inside the tube. But no matter how many times I’ve tried, I’ve had no luck so I’ve lost my patience and just want to remove this as it’s just clutter at this point. If you see this in TK Maxx, I encourage using caution as this product was either part of a faulty batch or generally speaking a dud. I can’t claim it being either, but I do want to make you aware that it’s a possibility.

Rounding off the skincare items, my trusty Superdrug Cleansing Eye Make-up Pads have finally been used up. I initially picked up three of these, and slowly worked through them as my spot-cleaner for my makeup brushes. I’m not sure if Superdrug has pulled these products off their shelves, but I can’t find these in the Bristol store I looked in, but I’d love to pick these up again as Superdrug claims their own-brand products are cruelty-free. The only downside I have with these is that it requires more than one per session to clean all of my brushes as they are relatively small. So if you want to spot clean your face brushes with these, you’ll need multiple pads. It’s not the end of the world, but I’m considering looking at makeup remover wipes and see if they can do the job while providing a larger surface area to work with.

October Empties 2018

Moving on to makeup, the first is the GOSH CC Cream Illuminating Foundation, which I owned in the shade ‘01 Porcelain‘. It’s a product that when I first bought it, I really enjoyed using a light-weight spot-concealer type of product, but it ended up on the back-burner when I was using my E.L.F. Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter. I tried this again and I found that it was breaking out my skin, which it didn’t used to. So I’ve made the assumption that the product is expiring or became contaminated during the time I paused from using it, so I decided it’s time to get rid of it. I don’t dislike the product when it’s fresh though, as I’ve decluttered one of my accidental backups of this product to my mum because I thought she’d enjoy it too as I didn’t need two.

Another product I feel has past its prime is the Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Styling Gel. I owned the shade ‘003 Dark Brown‘ which was a decent shade for my very dark brown/almost black hair. I don’t really use brow gels or brow-caras very often, so the fault is on me for letting this product expire. I let this sit in my collection as one I’d reach for for very special occasions, but I’m not social enough to get full use out of a product for that kind of dedicated purpose. So I’m annoyed with myself for not using this more. It was a very ‘wet’ feeling product that provided a little extra pigmentation to the brows, but it wasn’t unbearable if brushed down with a dry mascara wand. I would consider repurchasing this but Rimmel are not currently fully cruelty-free but if/when that changes, I’ll look at this product again.

October Empties 2018

A couple of random products, the first is my beloved Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. When I wore foundation more often, this was my go-to brush for buffing in foundation, buffing out concealer, etc. I tried doing a very intense brush clean on this product a few times and it was so resistant to being cleaned that I decided to accept my losses. It’s a fantastic face brush and one I recommend wholeheartedly, but I don’t feel comfortable using this on my face anymore even though I’ve run baby shampoo (my current makeup brush cleaner) through it several times. If/when I start using foundations again on the regular, I’ll pick up a new one, but for now I’m going to wait as I’m content with a more minimalist makeup style.

A bit of a strange addition to this list, this is the Maybelline Eye Studio Mono Eyeshadow in the shade ‘610 Silken Taupe‘. So a little context: I went ahead and tried to de-pot this eyeshadow to put it in my new empty eyeshadow palette case I ordered from Amazon… Not realising I planned to de-pot a similar shade from my Collection Work the Nudes Eyeshadow Palette (among other shades). So I de-potted this shade unnecessarily… I planned to otherwise pass this eyeshadow along to my mum since I think this is a subtle but still very beautiful shade she’d find really nice to use. But it doesn’t sit comfortably inside the packaging anymore and I’m concerned it’ll shatter inside it’s pot. So I’m cutting my losses on this one. This eyeshadow has otherwise served me really well and I like the formula a lot, but I prefer the texture from my Collection palette just a little bit more.

October Empties 2018

The last section is lip products, with the first being the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lipstick in the shade ‘08 Grand Cru‘. I mentioned this in my Autumnal Go-To Lip Products 2018 post, and I found the texture has shifted a little bit and I think it’s going off. It did create a gorgeous blurred matte lip look when I tried it though, and I used a cotton bud to blur out the edges to create that soft blur, so if this lip product was still fresh, I could have seen myself reaching for it more often as I really love the blurred matte lip look. There’s something really gorgeous and attractive about it, while not being super in-your-face that makes it feel overwhelming to me.

A lip product I’m letting go off with hesitation is my Peri Pera Magic Glam Lip Tint, from the Frozen film collection. It’s a really gorgeous fuchsia shade, but I found the texture to be going off a bit as well. The doe-foot applicator was pretty standard to what I expected but the texture of it was a bit tickly and abrasive on my lips, so I decided it was time to force myself to let it go. I’m admittedly really attached to my Korean cosmetics, but I can be reasonable with myself. I’d love to try other products from Peri Pera though.

The last two products are ones that I feel the most resentful about. These are the Maybelline Color Drama Intense Lip Paints. The shades you see above are ‘120 Fight Me Fuschia‘ and ‘110 Never Nude‘. These were open before I used them, but they had the seals on them when I bought them. The first shade is about half empty, while the nude shade is almost entirely empty. So I’m extremely angry about this as I really loved the nude shade on my lips – it was after I was done using it that I realised how empty it was. I initially thought there may have been something wrong with the applicator or something, but then I realised I was squeezing the tube to the base of the dispenser.

So I’m gonna rant this here: if you’re a customer in a store, please don’t open up sealed products. These aren’t marked as testers and it frustrates me to no end when people try to discretely use new products then hide their behaviour by sealing it up again. The little plastic seal connecting the lid and tube together appeared untouched: no fold, no marking, so peeling, etc. So from my perspective, these should have been completely new, they also appeared and felt full when I picked them up. It’s highly unsanitary as well and it gave me serious anxiety when I realised this had been used before me. So please: do not do this. It’s not fair to anyone who picks this up after you and you could unknowingly pass on pathogens that could make them ill, never mind tricking another customer to spend money on a damaged/used product that otherwise appeared sealed and safe.

With that rant out of the way, thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. I apologise if my little rant bummed you out, but I needed to get it off my chest. My husband has already put up with it once, but I wanted to express this to you as well as we have likely both experienced this before. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon!

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