November Plans: Blogging Challenge

As October is nearing its end, I’ve been thinking about how I want to revitalise my love for my blog after the past few weeks have been something of a crazy time for me. So for November, I plan on taking part in a blogging challenge where I will write a blog post per day answering a theme based of a pin I found while looking around on Pinterest.

I think for me as a writer this will be a great and healthy challenge, and the only days I will write a post ahead of time will be for my birthday which is on the 13th. Otherwise, even when I’m tired from work or anything else I’ve done that day, I will commit to this challenge and see it through.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this could encourage my creativity, as well making me think outside my own typical realm of thinking. For me, blogging is something I want to avoid becoming stale, and I want it to be something that encourages conversations and new connections.

This challenge won’t affect my normal blog posts, I will still post about my normal things, but I’m throwing a little bit extra into the mix for some fun. I hope you’ll read them and maybe it will encourage you to ask me questions or maybe take part in one yourself.

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