November Empties 2017:

November Empties 2017

The year is flying by… My Empties post this time around is a teeny bit segmented and disorganised, as I moved home at the end of November so things got a teeny bit crazy on my end. However, I want to commit to my start of the month schedule now that things are starting to settle down. If you’ve ever moved house, you know what I’m talking about.

So to start off, we have two products I reviewed throughout November, and I predicted correctly that I was going to use them up. The first is The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner, which I gave my first impression on, here. The second is the Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner, which I also wrote a first impression on, here. Both of these toners I really liked from my short experiences with them, but I’ve linked my individual posts on them if you want a slightly more concise explanation of my views.

Lastly of the initial empties I had prepared before the move, is the Miss Sporty Fabulous Eyes Glossy Eyeshadow stick. The specific shade I’m decluttering is ‘Strawberry Coulis‘ and is a cute light pink. I think the product itself was okay, the shade itself was a bit lacking on my pale skintone, but definitely not terrible. What made me throw this away is that the eyeshadow stick itself falls out of the tube entirely which makes me think the colder weather maybe caused that to happen? Or I simply bought a bad one and was just unlucky. I can’t remember if I have other shades of this specific product – they’re still boxed away – but I do think the more neutral-earthy shades were really appealing so I think I must own one or two of them. The reason I’m not passing this on to anyone else is my anxious thought about it potentially poking someone in the eye trying to use it, so for my own comfort I’ve decided to not humour that thought.

November Empties 2017

Now on to one more product I’m forced to empty. I’m a little sad to be throwing this away, but the Clearasil Daily Gel Wash exploded in a bag of bathroom stuff during the move, and I’d rather not risk it making a mess in my new apartment, so I’ve decided to throw it away. I bought a replacement cleanser this afternoon, so I’m opting to look at this as a blessing in disguise, since it gave me a reason to explore the new area a little. As for the cleanser itself, it’s not a bad cleanser but it was starting to be a little too intense now that the colder, drier weather is creeping in. During the summer though, I found it to be adequate for my skin’s needs. I didn’t notice anything exceptional about it, but nothing bad either. So it’s a product I recommend to teens who want a safe product to start their skincare routines with.

But this is all of the products I emptied from November. It was a small batch this time around, but it makes me happy seeing that I’m slowly but surely decluttering things without being wasteful. Thank you for taking the time to read my Empties post, I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read my blog. I hope you have a wonderful day, and I’ll post my ‘Products I’m Passing On’ post tomorrow.

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