November Blogging Challenge: Day Twenty Six


Day Twenty Six

Theme: What do you think about your friends.

The friends I think of when “friends” is mentioned are my friends on Twitch, since they’re the people I talk to on a frequent basis, and are the people I get along with best. When I think of them, I’m reminded of the silly, happy and sometimes really out-there conversations we have about almost anything. I think about their ability to make me laugh without trying, and how often they make me crack a smile even when I’m feeling moody or depressed.

They’re also there for me to talk to and get my thoughts out of my head even when I feel like I have no one else to turn to, and honestly, it’s saved me on so many occasions. I’m filled with happiness and gratitude when I think of my friends, and they’re people I hope I can return the same feelings to.

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