November Blogging Challenge: Day Twelve

Day Twelve

Theme: How you found out about Blogger WordPress and why you made one.

Well, I’ve known about WordPress for a very long time, but my first exposure to it properly was during my second year of university when I had to make a blog for one of my Contemporary Media modules and create blog posts on specific topics that my lecturer was then going to mark. After playing around with blog designs, the format of writing blog posts and such, I found I really enjoyed it! So a little while later I created this blog, and I’ve been managed it ever since! I love my blog dearly and I’m really grateful I took the jump into putting my voice out there. My old blog from my university assignment is still up although I haven’t really looked at it since, but if you would like me to leave the link, leave a comment and let me know.

This was today’s blog post for my November Blogging Challenge. I’m sorry it’s quite short but sometimes short and sweet (no comment…) can be a good thing. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means the world to me, truly. I’m writing tomorrow’s post ahead of time as it’s my birthday tomorrow, but it will go up tomorrow as scheduled.

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