November Blogging Challenge: Day Thirteen


Day Thirteen

Theme: A letter to someone who hurt you recently.

Hmm… Honestly I don’t tend to hold onto feelings when people who have hurt me, as I typically try to accept it and then move on as healthily as I can, so I’m going to address this as something of an open letter. The one thing that comes to mind when I think of the people in my life that have hurt me is that I just want to say “thank you”. Not because they hurt me, I can’t legitimise it, but instead “thank you” because although it was terrible to go through, I learnt from it how capable I am. I am capable of dealing with severe levels of physical and emotional pain, and I know how to forgive people too, even when at times others around me say I have every right and reason never to forgive them.

I think that’s all I can really openly say about it honestly. I don’t like to ponder and dwell on things if my mind will actually let me avoid it, so I think keeping it that simple is probably best for me.

Thank you for taking the time to read today’s November Blogging Challenge post, there will be another tomorrow as planned, and hopefully you’ll want to check it out.

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