November Blogging Challenge: Day Ten


Day Ten

Theme: Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad.

Agh the bubble writing has been renewed! Heaven forbid! Okay, so I don’t really listen to music for specific moods I’m in, I typically don’t have that kind of habit. So instead I’m going to pick out songs that I feel relate to those moods for me instead, since I don’t want to be a pain and just say “Nope! Not answering this one!”… Where’s the fun in that? So let’s see…:

Happy: Bloom – Gain. One of my favourite songs right now isn’t particularly new to me, but is from the K-Pop scene. I love Gain’s vocals and while the songs touches on very intimate and sexual areas, the innocent, blissful and happy feel of the song (and the music video too) definitely connotes happiness to me.

Sad: Irony – Lizz. This is a cover I found on YouTube a while ago, and one I find extremely very easy to relate during my unhappier moments. Lizz has a beautiful voice and I think her English cover of this song is absolutely brilliant. I sing along to this often and really helps let some of the sadness out when I just can’t shake it.

Bored: It’s Alright – Charity Vance. Sometimes when I’m bored, all I need is a really upbeat song to help get me out of that dull state. This song, while I’m not really brave enough to sing along to, often makes me want to get up and dance about.

Hyped: Human – Skye Sweetnam. Stepping into a slightly different area of music, when I’m feeling hyped it usually means I’m feeling motivated and empowered. This song is about not being fooled by the media around us and for some reason this song makes me feel empowered when I actively think about how the media around me makes me respond – and then I let my critical mind take control. Something about that just makes me feel awesome.

Mad: Teenagers – My Chemical Romance. Nothing takes me back to my slightly punkier days than MCR, and when I’m feeling super angry, this song is great to help let that out. I’m typically not a very angry person, and when I am it’s normally very inwardly kept, so I rarely shout, but this definitely relates to that emotion for me.

These were my song choices, and I guess it shows that my music tastes are slightly varied? They definitely are and to be honest, I really enjoy it. I find being closed to one or two specific genres of music really spoils opportunities to enjoy some really great songs out there.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, of course there will be another tomorrow and I hope you’ll consider reading it! Until then, take care and I hope you’re doing well.

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  1. MattJayC says:

    Woot! How about when you are tired?

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