November Blogging Challenge: Day One


Day One

Theme: A recent picture of me and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

Let’s kick this off by me apologising for my lazy but also proactive attempt at being artistic for this challenge. I will keep making these for each day, but I apologise because I drawn bubble writing since I was about 14 years old, haha.

As the first part suggests, let me post a recent picture of myself, and then we will move on to the 15 ‘interesting’ facts about myself.

Hollypop Day One


  1. I used to speak some basic Japanese.
  2. I want to learn Japanese, Korean, and a bit of German.
  3. I’m a video game streamer on Twitch.
  4. I love singing, but won’t dare sing in front of anyone!
  5. Despite what my artwork above suggests, I’m something of an artist, although I draw manga style art, typically.
  6. I’m a huge Nintendo fangirl. Harvest Moon games? I’m your girl.
  7. I don’t really know what my career will be, but I’m trying to self-teach video editing.
  8. I’m a film lover.
  9. I have never dyed my hair.
  10. Although I have many siblings, none of them are fully related to me.
  11. I initially rejected wearing makeup until the age of around 17, when my Mum convinced me that I can make it mean whatever I want it to, and not just “girly”.
  12. I used to be a decent swimmer, although I haven’t gone swimming in years…
  13. I also used to have horse riding lessons.
  14. I used to consider myself a cat person, but since having a dog for just under 2 years, I’m much more neutral.
  15. I stand at around 5 feet 1 inch, and I’m pretty happy being small.

So that was the first day of my November blogging challenge! This was a bit tough at times, since my self-esteem doesn’t really deem me as an ‘interesting’ person, but it made me think harder about how to answer.

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