November Blogging Challenge: Day Eleven

Day Eleven

Theme: Another picture of you and your friends.


November Blogging Challenge Day Eleven

I think the bubble writing will be the end of me… So I don’t take photos very often, but this is one photo that was taken just before my final/only exam of university and one I cherish quite dearly. I’m typically very camera shy, but a group photo with as many of my friends as possible was something I was prepared to do despite my constant urge to run and hide when someone pulls their phone out.

I remember that day pretty clearly and I remember how nervous I was for that exam… Oh, it was a Shakespeare exam too. Couldn’t they have just asked for another essay? I mean really???

This is today’s blog post for my November Blogging Challenge. I will have another ready tomorrow so I hope you’ll keep your eyes out for it.

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3 Responses to November Blogging Challenge: Day Eleven

  1. RedYorik says:

    Wooooah in that photo you look exactly like someone I went to school with! Craaazy! :O

  2. MattJayC says:

    More bubble writing please!

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