November Blogging Challenge: Day Eight


Day Eight

Theme: Short term goals for this month and why.

Okay, so I have few little goals that I want to work towards this month and I think I’ll split them up so it’s easier to talk about. The first being my blog and writing more content that isn’t entirely this November Blog Challenge. I’ve had a crazy time the past couple of months and want to get my rhythm back again, so I want to work towards that.

The next is my Video Editing and Post-production Techniques class that I’m starting this coming Wednesday as a means to finally start getting my experience I want and need for the video editing job I want someday. I’m so excited about it since it means actually learning how to video edit aside from recognising what editing techniques are used and how they work – thanks to my degree. By the end of the next four weeks I will actually be able to do them myself, or at least start to!

The final goal I have for myself is regarding my art skills and that’s to finish at least one piece of artwork a week, and to a standard I can at least say I’m somewhat happy with. I’m definitely a perfectionist, but I want to keep practising so I can actually improve! I think of the three goals I’ve mentioned, this is the one I’ll struggle with the most.

That was today’s blog post for my November Blog Challenge. It was quite interesting since I really need to become more goal-oriented again. Since leaving university that particular skill has fallen out of use and I think this post has helped spark me to bring it back to life again.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means the world to me. I will have another one tomorrow, as well as some of my normal blogging content – saying this now means I have to do it! I will not let you guys down!

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