My Trip to Canada – Part 1

As I posted just over a week ago, I was taking a week-long break to take a trip out to Canada to spend some time with my other half. I flew back home yesterday, and although I’m still recovering, I want to share my experience with you guys, since it was a wonderful vacation. I plan on splitting those over a few blog posts, with separate posts for my activities, my travel necessities, and my purchases while I was away. The reason for this is that it makes reading it all much easier for you guys, and it means I can be more organised with the content – there is a lot to talk about and I would rather not make it a huge wall of text for you guys to get bored halfway through reading.

I’m going to kick this off by pointing out that it was my first time flying on my own, and I was very nervous and excited. I flew from London Gatwick and landed in Tortonto Pearson International where I met up with my other half at the arrivals lounge. The flight itself went smoothly, although I will admit 8 hours on a plane was both exhausting and very boring – the in-flight entertainment was limited to screens down the centre aisles and since I was sat on the window side (plus I’m very short) I couldn’t really see the screens. The 4 hour delay to my flight was also frustrating, but the wait was made much easier by messaging my boyfriend on Facebook – which mostly consisted of me whining about how boring it was to wait around… We all have our moments to complain, right?

For anyone who has been in a long distance relationship, you’ll know how amazing the feeling is when you’re reunited with your loved one. My boyfriend and I had to wait 6 months since we last saw each other in person, and it was amazing being able to hold him again. I was so happy and despite feeling extremely tired, my heart was racing and I just didn’t care that I had been travelling for around 20 hours at that point. It’s amazing just what can make you forget about your weariness right?

After a cute reunion, we got the rental car and I had my first taste of traffic in Toronto. I will tell you now, drivers in Ontario really are not the nicest drivers, and their ability to merge lanes on the highway shocks me even now. There are some kind drivers on the roads, but they’re few and far between. Getting home didn’t take too long, and since it was late evening by the time we got back, ordering pizza was on the cards – I was starving…

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