Multi-Tasking Face Masks: Why I’m Loving It

Face Masks

I want to start off by thanking The Body Shop for their latest marketing campaign as it really shook me proverbially speaking to actually assess how I use my skincare products. Which is strange, since it’s not like I don’t do this anyway. Their latest release of face masks was cleverly advertised with the idea of multi-tasking individual masks to work with your skin’s separate needs, rather than what I think a lot of us get stuck into which the is “one mask for the entire face” kind of habit. Until recently I was doing the latter and finding myself slightly unsatisfied, but changed up my mask routine, and now I’m inspired to talk about it today.

I do feel bad that I can’t include any of The Body Shop’s masks in this post – as they were my inspiration. If you check out my review and September Empties posts though, you’ll find that I have tried one of their face masks. Actually, as I write this and add the links, I actually have tried a fair number of their products generally, so guilt has now subsided a bit. I do want to try some of their new masks, but alas, financial budgets must be kept in-check.

I referred to earlier how this multi-tasking of skincare products is something I do, which is the case when it comes to my moisturisers at certain times of the year. If you’ve read my blog for even a brief while, you’re probably aware of my skin type being oily and slightly sensitive, which can bring up some frustrating conflicts of interest when getting skincare to work with my skin. Some products for oily skin are too intensive and upset my skin, while some products tailored for sensitive skin just don’t do enough. It’s a tough balance to keep – especially as our skin’s balance changes throughout the year. It’s a little crazy sometimes.

So while I sit here in hindsight, I feel kind of silly that I didn’t think of it sooner – do what I do with my face moisturisers. I know my skin well enough to know that unless it’s summer, I can get away with not being too pro-active with the sebum control outside of my t-zone. I’m oily all-year-round, but my cheeks and jawline are much less than my t-zone. So I take a multi-product approach: one moisturiser for my t-zone to tackle the severest areas of excess sebum, and for the cheeks, jaw and neck, I use a light day-time moisturiser that is light in texture to work with the oil that’s there, but still hydrating enough to actually benefit my skin.

I decided that it was time to take a similar approach to my face masks. Most of the time, I use clay masks and these are the main example I want to use. I have one mask: the Superdrug Dead Sea Mud Detoxifying Face Mask for my t-zone. And for the cheeks: I use the Red Tea Natural Skin Therapy Facial Mask, which still works on de-clogging my skin and purifying my pores, but isn’t as intense as the former mask I just mentioned. Compared to my previous approach where I just used my Superdrug mud mask, my skin is much happier: my forehead, noise and chin get a super detox from the mud mask, which is heavier in texture and works a little bit better for unclogging my pores, while my second clay mask is much lighter and maintains the clarity of my cheeks as they’re not a problematic area for me most of the time.

This is something that works for other skin problems too. I have yet to kick this into gear myself as I’m waiting for a cold winter to hit the UK, but once it gets cold and dry enough, I know I’ll be using the Superdrug Vitamin E Moisture Mask as a substitute for my night time moisturiser as it can be worn as a sleeping mask – thinking of another Korean trend I love the idea of. For the summer this mask is a bit too heavy for my super oily skin, but I know this should work really well in the right conditions. So if you have normal to dry skin, and you’re in a battle for making two or three different moisture masks work, try mix and matching them to different areas of your face and see how it works. You may find that it fixes more than one problem. I hate having opened products that aren’t being used, and this has helped put them to use and combat slightly more complex skin issues that my normal routine wasn’t quite getting to grips with.

While I’m giving this approach a lot of praise, I do understand and appreciate that some people hold certain reservations. The Body Shop (and I’m sure other companies will think about doing the same thing) are marketing the idea of spending more money to buy more products that you may not need, and that some customers are falling for a hyped up idea that they may not even benefit from: some people don’t need to multi-task masks or products and doing so just because it looks fun is falling for their marketing campaign. I think this is a valid perspective to take, and for me, I’ve taken a middle ground in my own mind where, I think this idea is great for people who can benefit from this ‘tailored’ approach to treating their skin, but it definitely isn’t necessary for everyone. If you don’t think it’s going to be right for you, by all means, you are under no pressure to do it, or buy their products or use them the exact way they are shown to you on social media or even in my (or other people’s) blog posts.

At the end of the day, I decided to write this blog post because this was genuinely helpful to me, and I think it could be helpful to others too. However, I don’t expect a single person to automatically follow my suggestions just because I wrote it and my analytics said people read it. I simply wanted to raise potential awareness to an idea and give credit to my inspiration because it does have potential to help people with their skin and if it does work – it could help their confidence too.

Thank you very much for reading my blog post though, I really am honoured to receive your support. If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, or you have suggestions of your own to share with me and other readers, I would love to read them. I am constantly in search of inspiration and discussion. Please take care, and I really hope you’re having a wonderful day.

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