Mini Haul: Boots


This is the first time I’ve written a post of this style, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Today while out shopping and getting fresh air after working indoors all weekend, I decided stop in Boots and pick a few little things. One of the lovely things is that the makeup products were on a 3 for 2 offer, so one of the nail products were free. Works for me!


The first is the St. Ives Apricot Body Scrub priced at £5.49, which I picked up since I’m hoping it will be one of the few toiletries I can use without my mildly sensitive skin freaking out. Particularly as body scrubs and gels, etc, seem to react badly with my skin a lot of the time. I picked this one out since it claims to be made from 100% natural exfoliants, and free from parabans and phthalates. I’m really looking forward to testing this, and I genuinely hope it will cooperate with my skin without nasty results. I might write a review on this later once I’ve had time to use it, but let me know if this is something you’re definitely interested in reading about.


The next product is the Barry M Eyebrow Marker in “Dark Brown” which I bought for £4.99. I picked this up out of curiosity, since I have a stash of eyebrow pencils and powder sets that I’m gradually working through, however I have never considered a marker until today. So it is a spontaneous purchase, and I’m definitely interested in seeing if it’ll make my brows look more defined since I feel like my brows are a feature of my face I struggle to get right with my makeup routine.


The two other products I picked up are nail products and the first is by Seventeen in “Emerald Tropics” for £3.99. Most of the time I avoid bright colours and stick with colours like dark blues, burgundies, and dark purples. However, after passing this colour a few times while it has been on display and walking away after considering buying it, I gave in and decided to pick it up in the end. I’m not sure how this colour will look against my very pale skin, however the words “why not?” rang through my head and I walked away from the display with this cute and very summery colour.


Last of all, I bought a Max Factor mini nail polish in “Deep Mauve” for £3.99. This definitely fits my natural choice of nail colours, and although I have other nail polishes similar in colour to this, I was drawn to how understated it appeared in the bottle. When I look at other darker nail colours they can sometimes come across as if they’re meant to catch the eye in a very obvious way. However, I like how this colour does the exact opposite. It seems like a colour for subtle and quiet confidence. Although that may just be my opinion.

So this is my first haul post, and it was interesting to write. It’s very different from the reviews I usually write, but it’s been very enjoyable writing my first thoughts before I’ve had a chance to even try them properly. I might follow up and review these products, but if there is a particular one you want to see a review for, let me know and I’ll make sure to write one. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, it means a lot to me, and I hope you are doing well.

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