Mini Haul: A Post Dissertation Hand-In Treat 5/5/2015

Mini Haul Post Dissertation  
After a week of getting my dissertation done and handed in, and then the long Bank Holiday Weekend, I’m finally back and plan to blog a lot more. Like I said in my recent post, I was putting my dissertation at the top of my priorities since it was due in last Friday. However, it is done! And you have no idea how relived I am!

So, since I worked so hard, I decided to treat myself to a few new things. Although I admit, Comic Con is my actual planned treat for completing my degree.

Mini Haul Post Dissertation  
The first two products are the L’Oreal Infallible Mega Gloss in the two shades, 405 The Bigger The Better, and 407 Smoke Me Up. These are both matte textures, which for some reason I’m really curious about trying. This seems to be a reasonably new range of products, and the range is split into four different textures: cream, neon, matte and topcoats. I may have remembered the last once incorrectly, but I did my best. The first shade I can definitely see myself wearing throughout summer, and the second shade I think could look great all year round.

Mini Haul Post Dissertation  
Finally, I decided to pick up the Makeup Revolution Amazing Inner Eye Brightener in the shade Nude. I’ve been watching Bubzbeauty’s YouTube channel for years now, and if there’s one thing she always did was to highlight the inner corners of the eyes. Over time and experimenting with my own makeup, this is a technique I like to use. Makeup Revolution is a brand that seems to be grabbing a lot of attention, with many of their products supposedly being dupes of other products of other brands, so a part of me is curious to keep trying out more of their products. This is obviously no exception. I normally use white or silver shades, so a nude colour seemed like an interesting alternative.

I only bought three products, and I look forward to trying them out. I also look forward to blogging regularly again.

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