March Goal Roundup/April Goals 2016:

So March has been something a dull but fast month for me. As far as my makeup goes, it’s been a month of gradual declutter, where I’ve gone through my makeup collection and picked out products that were either likely out of date, or to test to see if they still made me happy when I wore them. This is still a work in progress even now, and gradually as I try out products that have been hidden away, I’m either throwing out what’s old, putting back what I like that’s still good, or putting in a box things that I want to offer to my Mum before finding a new home for them.

Skincare-wise, not a lot of change has really taken place. My skin has really had to adjust to the warmer weather this month, as we had a mix of storms at the start of the month that made things feel cooler, and now it’s warming up into true sping-time weather.

Back at the start of the month, I aimed to use my sheet masks consistently and when they were needed. Honestly, I failed to do this completely, and only remembered to use eye sheet masks a couple of times this month. As for other single face masks, I’m used some of my clay masks. Moving my masks so they’re sat under my desk where I can see them has at least made a small difference towards me using them.

I also said at the start of the month I wanted to be more experimental with my makeup. I didn’t really do this either, but like I mentioned before, I’ve been decluttering my makeup collection by setting aside products I wanted to trial before either keeping them or passing them on. In a few cases this meant trying out eye shadow products which led to me trying to complete a couple of looks in order to see if I liked how they behaved on my skin.

April Goals:

For the following month, a lot of what I wanted to aim for this month is going to be brought forward. So, using my sheet masks more, experimenting with makeup, etc. What I want to really add this time is actually maintaining the organisation of my vanity. I went ahead and organised it throughout March, but it quickly became chaotic. What I really want to achieve this month is a means to keep things in order, since my vanity is limited for desk space.

Other than that, I don’t have much extra to add, but I will reflect again at the end of April and maybe then I will have new goals I will want to achieve. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I really do appreciate it.

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