March Favourites 2019:

March Favourites 2019

Happy Sunday! As March comes to a close, I want to talk about some products I’ve been particularly fond of this month. March has been a month of mostly repetition in my makeup routine, so the makeup products you’ll be seeing in this post are ones I’ve reached for a ton this month. So without waffling on, let’s just jump straight in.

March Favourites 2019

The only skincare product I feel is worth mentioning is the Belle Amie Hydrogel Collagen Eye Patch, which are under-eye patches intended to hydrate the under eye area. I plan to review this in the future when I have a little more time using it, but so far I’m really loving wearing a pair on nights I want to just slow myself down. I’ll typically watch an episode of a K-Drama on Netflix while wearing one, then take it off when the episode is finished.

One of the things that I also really like is the spatula that comes with it. The patches themselves have a gelatin-like texture (I’m not sure if they’re actually made from gelatin though) which makes them tricky to separate from each other or just handle in general. The spatula really helps separate the individual patches from each other as they’re packed in two stacks inside the tub, and helps keep it more hygienic. I keep this tub inside the drawer of my desk to grab when I want to wind down, and they’re proving to be really relaxing so far.

March Favourites 2019

Kicking off with a makeup brush, I’ve been really loving the Real Techniques Shading Brush. I use this almost exclusively for adding darker shades to my outer corner/crease area, and it packs in the colour really nicely. I sometimes use this brush to distribute colour along my lower lash line, but I usually prefer to use an even smaller brush for this. This is probably one of the few original makeup brushes of mine still in my collection, and I love it dearly. I have hooded eyes and as a result, limited eyelid space, and I find this brush is small enough that it let’s me place colour precisely where I want it. A lot of brushes on the market are too big and makes it harder for me (with my very limited skill with eyeshadow…) to create polished eyeshadow looks.

March Favourites 2019

The eyeliner I’ve been using almost exclusively this month is the NYX Epic Ink Liner in the shade ‘Brown‘. After quickly tossing out my MUA liner, I also picked up the black shade of this NYX liner, so I plan to review both of these shades together when I have enough experience using both of them.

As for this specific shade though, I adore the precise line I can create with this liner. So long as I don’t blink, this liner is really easy to use. But even if I do manage to blink and get liner all over my lids or my under eye, it’s also easy to clean with a cotton bud and some moisturiser. It’s a really ‘wet’ sort of liquid (I realise that sounds silly, bear with me) when applied, but given around 15-30 seconds to dry down, it then doesn’t budge. This liner has stayed put on days when I take long walks into the city centre, where I sweat, get rained on, and my eyelids get oily, yet it stays put. It’s really impressed me, so it was the first product that came to mind when I started writing my list for this month’s favourites.

March Favourites 2019

Moving to a combo, two products that are favourites of mine this month are ones that go together in my makeup routine: the Barry M Dazzle Dust in ‘105 Athena‘ and the Eco Tools Shading Brush which I use to apply it with. The Eco Tools Shading Brush is from a travel set I’ve incrementally decluttered or re-purposed, and is what I use exclusively to apply this loose eyeshadow powder. It has a really slim-flat set of bristles, making it really good for applying the powder precisely.

The Barry M Dazzle Dust is one of my favourite inner eye highlights at the moment. It’s a soft pinky-silver tone, and can be built up to have a really intense shine. This is a product I expect to never use up, as a little goes such a long way. I’m normally shy of loose powder products because they can be so messy, but so far I haven’t had issues with this powder. I like to pick some product up on the brush, tap it off into the lid, then apply the remaining powder still on the brush to my inner corner. Then I’ll rinse and repeat until I get the desired effect.

March Favourites 2019

On days that I’m not using my Dazzle Dust, I use the GOSH Forever Eye Shadow Metallic Eyeshadow Stick. I have mine in the shade ‘02 Beige‘, as it seemed like the most flattering shade for my very pale skin. This is what I use to highlight my inner corners on day I use my Eco Tools Shading Brush for another purpose in my eyeshadow application (like applying shade to my lower lash line) and isn’t clean enough to use to highlight my inner corner with. I love both the GOSH and Barry M products fairly equally, and it’s simply a matter of convenience which one I use on a given day. The only major difference that would make me take preference is that the GOSH product is slightly warmer in tone in comparison, so depending on my eye look on a given day, I might lean towards one instead of the other.

That concludes my favourites for the month of March. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. I hope you are having a restful weekend, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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