March Empties 2019:

March Empties 2019

Happy Monday and 1st of April! Today we’re kicking off the month like we always do, which means we’re talking about the monthly empties. This month is purely empties from March, and there’s quite a lot to talk about. I’ve split this up in actual emptied products, and products that aren’t ’empty’ per se, but either not working for me but not hygienic to pass along, or just getting old and it’s time to move on. Like always, these are all kept in my empties basket until the start of the new month, so it’s time to empty it out and talk about what’s in there:

March Empties 2019

Starting off with the actual empties, the first ones are a handful of sheet masks. I used these predominantly at the start of the month, where I was reminded to look at them after my YesStyle Haul – February 2019 post. In that same post, I mentioned how I already had a sheet of the first product which is the Tony Moly Pureness 100 Caviar Mask Sheet, in spite of receiving one in that haul. The one I received in the haul I took back with me in a recent visit to see my family, and my mum took it off my hands. The one you see above is the sheet I already had, and I went out of my way to use this up after being reminded I had it at all thanks to that YesStyle haul.

Overall the mask itself was really wonderful to wear, and one of the design aspects I really liked was that it had cuts/slits around the jaw which helped it fit my face better than a lot of other masks. The sheet itself is drenched in serum, and even after nearly an hour of wearing the mask while watching an episode of a K-Drama, there’s left over serum to smooth over the face and neck. I won’t be repurchasing until Tony Moly is fully cruelty-free, but I do plan to use up the other sheet masks that I already have in my collection.

Three other sheet masks I worked through are from Superdrug’s own-line although they have changed the packaging since I bought these. These are the Purifying Facial Sheet Mask, Deep Cleansing Facial Sheet Mask and the Calming Facial Sheet Mask, respectively. I wrote a First Impression post on the Purifying Facial Sheet Mask, so if you’re interested in reading it, I encourage you to do so.

The Deep Cleansing Facial Sheet Mask was a bit intense for the cooler weather that we had during that time. However it has a really cooling effect so I plan to use my remaining sheets when summer rolls around: when the heat and the humidity really start to take a toll on me.

The Calming Facial Sheet Mask was okay but I don’t remember it being notable. One of the things I’m learning is that I enjoy sheet masks more when the weather is warmer and the cooling effects leave me feeling refreshed… rather than shivering. So in the summer months, expect more sheets masks to appear in empties posts.

March Empties 2019

Moving on to slightly more miscellaneous products, the first is a recurring product: the Superdrug Bee Manuka Honey Facial Wipes. I use these primarily to spot-clean my makeup brushes, however on really lazy nights these can be used for their intended purpose. They’re decent for what they are, although if you don’t like the smell of honey – or your makeup brushes smelling of honey – these may not be a good fit for you. I’m relatively indifferent as the smell isn’t nauseating for me, although I prefer fragrance free products in general.

One of my desk buddies that I used up is the Boots Skin Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets, which has taken me a ridiculously long time to work through. I’m not typically fussy when it comes to blotting sheets, but I do really like this one, and regret that I couldn’t find more of these recently when I went to replace this one.

March Empties 2019

As far as skincare goes, I worked through two more of my desk buddies during March. The first being the Palmer’s Shea Butter Formula with Vitamin E Concentrated Cream, which I used as a hand cream. I reviewed this product recently so I encourage you to read it if you’re curious about my in-depth experience with it. Overall I was pretty content and I plan to research more into the brand’s cruelty-free status by next winter when this kind of product will be needed again.

A product that managed to sneak in to my empties right at the end of the month is The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture-Protect Lip Care balm, which I’ve also written a post about. I used this exclusively as a touch-up lip balm throughout the day, and I’ve worked through it very quickly. It’s a decent lip balm, and hasn’t struggled during the colder days, although I’m not sure yet if I’m in a rush to buy another one.

March Empties 2019

I’m saying goodbye to a makeup brush this month, which is from a travel set I used to keep around, although this specific brush is the Eco Tools Angled Crease Brush. I’ve had this little brush for years now, and it’s getting to a point where the ends of a lot of the hairs are fraying. I tolerated this for a while, but in past couple of months I’ve noticed it’s performing less than ideally, so I’ve replaced it with a new brush and plan to say goodbye to this one. I considered passing it along, but if it’s not performing well, it doesn’t feel fair to dump this brush on someone else.

March Empties 2019

Moving to the not-empties-but-not-able-to-pass-along-either category, we’re kicking this off with some skincare items. The first is one is the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, which unfortunately has completely dried out in the tube. When I decided to move another face mask out of my routine, I took this one out of my ‘Benched Skincare Products’ box, and was excited to try this out again. This used to be really popular in the early days of YouTube, with many YouTubers really passionate about this product. I eventually got my hands on this years back, and I must have used it enough times that it dried out while stored away.

The hand cream you see above is the L’Occitane Rose Tenderness Hand Cream. I kept this in my bag as my on-the-go hand cream, and it’s getting to a point where the texture is getting a bit gritty. So I’ve decided it’s time to let this one go, and I’ve replaced it with a new hand cream of the same kind of size and packaging. The hand cream itself was decent albeit slightly heavier than my personal preference, what I liked most about it was it’s convenience.

I’m getting rid of a few bases this time around, starting with The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation in ‘010 Chelsea Porcelain‘. I started trying out this foundation after feeling a bit more inspired to try slightly more heavier makeup to experiment. The shade match is close enough that I can make it work on its own, but I preferred using my lightening drops to make just a bit lighter. Unfortunately, this product is extremely short-lived for reasons I’m not sure of, it breaks me out. I’m not sure if it’s just the formula itself or if it aged badly before I started using it, but regardless I don’t consider it safe to use or pass along to anyone else.

A product that I spent quite a while liking is the MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Palette. This has shades for correcting multiple skin tone issues as well as a highlighter in the centre. I primarily used this only for the green cream for correcting redness on my face, although I did try using the peachy shade in the top left corner for brightening my under eyes, although I wasn’t particularly passionate about it. Ultimately this is a great palette to have if you think you’ll make use of most of what the palette has to offer, but in my case… I decided to just commit to a green correcting product so this palette is more than I need.

Which brings us to the Max Factor CC Colour Corrector in ‘Corrects Redness‘ which is a green stick corrector. I picked this out of my stash with the understanding that Max Factor are not cruelty-free, as I wanted to work through this product as soon as possible. In the end, this formula is way too dry for my skin and looks patchy as a result.

March Empties 2019

I only have one mascara on the go at any time because of how rarely I use them, and when I tried out the Miss Sporty Studio Lash The Miaoww Look Mascara, I found the formula flaked off my lashes really easily. It volumises the lashes nicely, but what I liked most is how easily this washed off when cleansing my skin with a cleansing oil. The major factor that puts me off wearing mascara more than anything else is the effort to remove it all, as I often woke up with panda eyes in spite of thoroughly removing my makeup. Ultimately the tube is getting on the old side for a mascara so it’s time to get rid of it.

A brow product I plan to just get rid of is the Maybelline Brow Satin Smoothing Duo-Brow Pencil & Filling Powder. This is another one of those non-cruelty-free products that I was aiming to just work through, and while the formula itself is fine, the packaging on the powder end is flaking off and leaving marks on my hands, desk and anything it comes into contact with. As nice as the product is, it’s not worth tolerating the mess so I just want to get rid of it.

March Empties 2019

We have an assortment of eyeliner products now, starting with the Max Makeup Cherimoya Gel Eyeliner in a black shade. It comes with the little angled brush you see above, although I used my own angled liner brush to test this product out. In spite of thinking it was unopened, it was quite dry and difficult to build up pigmentation with so I decided it was not worth holding onto.

A product I’m a little disheartened to pass along is the B. Defining Duo Liner in ‘01 Black‘. It’s an interesting concept as it’s a dual-ended liner, with a thinner tipped brush on one end, and a much thicker brush on the other. But as someone who tries to keep liners stood vertically, this is problematic for distributing the product to both ends properly. I predominantly use the thin-tipped end as I have hooded eyelids, but there are times when I need the thicker end to create that bold wing to my liner when I need it. The pigmentation is good at first, but as you finish lines on the eyes, the pigmentation fades out, and is hard to ‘energise’ it again. Ultimately it’s more work than I care for, and since I’ve used it for a little while, I think it’s safer to just throw it out.

As winter is drawing to a close and my preference in shades shifts to suit the spring time, my Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner in ‘15 Burgundy Garnet‘ isn’t a shade I’m really reaching for now. It’s a few years old at this point as well, so I decided it was time to move on. It’s a nice liner if you like a slightly shimmery texture to your liner, however I plan to find a new burgundy alternative that’s matte instead.

Finally, ending on a negative note unfortunately, the MUA Matte Black Eyeliner is one I used once and immediately came to a conclusion on. After deciding to move on from my B. Duo Liner, I pulled this liner out of my stash expecting to bet for a few months. In reality, this brush is scratchy on my eyelids and the formula is like trying to draw with dried out mascara. A harsh description I know, but I think it aptly articulates the frustration I felt. MUA as a brand has consistently has been a positive experience for me, so my frustration is mostly fueled by my disappointment. Nevertheless, I don’t suggest this product at all.

And this concludes the products I emptied or I’m throwing out from March 2019. It was quite the selection this time, more than I was anticipating. I have quite the lengthy Products I’m Passing On post coming up tomorrow, so I hope you’ll consider reading that post too. In the meantime, I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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