March Empties 2016:

March Empties 2016

So quite often I struggle to finish many products during a month, but it seemed like March was the month where things started to co-ordinate. It’s still not a lot of products, but I want to share with you what I used up during this month and give you an idea of what I thought of them.

L'OREAL Makeup Removers

Kicking things off, I wanted to talk about the only skincare related items that I finished this past month. These are two L’OREAL makeup removers, the first being the Skin Perfection Micellar Water, and the other is the Gentle Make-Up Remover for Eyes. I reviewed both of these products in a post which I will link here, which you can read for a full break down of my opinions, although I will simply reiterate that I liked both of these makeup removers, although I’m grateful I’m just using one product for both my eyes/lips and entire face.

Revlon Color Stay Concealer, Collection Last Perfection Concealer

The last portion is makeup, and this month I decided to say goodbye to two concealers I’ve been using for longer than I care to remember. Neither really qualify as ’empty’ but the consistency of both of these products has reached a point where it’s time to part ways. These two concealers are the Revlon ColorStay Concealer and the Collection Last Perfection Concealer. Of the two, the Collection concealer is the one I’ll probably repurchase someday. I like both of these concealers since they work for different needs depending on when I need them. The Revlon ColorStay is slightly too dark for my skin tone, in spite of being the lightest shade, but because of how thin in consistency it was, you couldn’t really tell unless you were holding a magnifying glass to my face (or you’re self-critical like me and a bit paranoid). The Collection Lasting Perfection on the other hand is much thicker and was the concealer I leaned towards when I wanted more coverage over my acne and scars. The colour match was more accurate with this one too, so I will likely go back to this one when I’ve tried out the other concealers I’ve stashed away.

Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil

Finally, this brings me to my final makeup empty for the month. I reviewed this product a long time ago (back in October of 2014…), and it’s taken this long to finally finish this up. I know YouTubers like Zoella talked about this product and using it up very quickly, but I don’t wear makeup most days and even on days I do wear makeup, sometimes my brows look just about okay that I decide not to do anything with them. But yes, this the Soap & Glory Archery 2 in 1 Brow Filling Pencil, and a part of me is sad to let this go. I loved the thin ‘mechanical pencil’ style of nib since it provided such precise application. My shade was ‘Hot Chocolate‘ and very close to my natural hair colour, so I didn’t need to use a lot to achieve a subtly filled in look. Will I repurchase this? This is definitely going on my list of products to consider, although for now I have a lot of brow products stashed away that I want to give a fair shot first.

These were all of my empties for March, and I’m pretty proud of myself. I get a bit fed up of stashing these empty bottles and packaging away throughout the month, but I get serious satisfaction when I can throw away/recycle them since I know I used them to completion, and in most cases they were appreciated. I also hate wasting products if I can avoid it, so this really makes me feel like I’m appreciating the hard work that goes into making the products I use, be that from the big brand names who worked to market, create and distribute them, to the individuals who put together each individual product itself and getting them shipped to the stores. Of course, we can’t forget the retail staff who work hard too – having worked retail myself for nearly 5 years, I can appreciate how stressful and exhausting it can be.

I really can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read my post. I don’t have a favourites post planned for March unfortunately, but I hope to experiment with makeup throughout April so there may be one in about a month from now.

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