Manga Studio 5: Hollypop D&D Character Concept

DnDCharacterComplete by Hollypop1993 on DeviantArt

A couple of months ago, I embarked on a fun and casual D&D campaign with friends. To prepare for it, I sketched out a vague concept piece of my character.

She is a High-Elf, Wizard, and a socially anxious one at that. She craves knowledge and often dismisses the danger of a situation in order to seek out and solve magical mysteries. Suits me to the core, I think.

I’m going to be quite honest that this piece presented certain challenges: some I think I handled and overcame well for my “novice” abilities, and some that in self-reflection could have been drastically improved upon.

The first of these are hands… I really struggle with hands. They’re a really awkward part of the human anatomy that I tend to find myself stumped with. They’re not completely terrible, but definitely something I can improve upon.

The next are the colouring of the eyes. It’s a feature that particularly stands out to me as something I will likely go back and fix. Future pieces since this one, I have seen a huge improvement in the eyes, so I think I had an off-day when trying to colour them.

I do like how the hair turned out though, as I was experimenting with braids and how hair sits and layers over clothes. It gave me a chance to really experiment with using shading for adding strands/sections of hair, as well as general areas of shading, which were something I was nervous to really try and make work.

As far as the staff goes, I worked with a somewhat generic looking staff as my character’s arcane focus is the orb of the staff, and something I would take out of the staff if I found a better one. So to keep it reasonably consistent with the game, I felt it was best to draw a dull-but-neutral looking staff to avoid having to change my character’s design between D&D game sessions. This is also showed me that I need to learn about drawing and shading wood textures which is something I will find time to experiment with in the future.

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