Manga Studio 5: Harvest Moon Lanna Fanart

Harvest Moon IOH/SI: Lanna by Hollypop1993 on DeviantArt

I think I’ve fallen a bit behind on keeping my art section up to date with my artwork, so today I’m going to add one more piece, which is some fanart I took the plunge in. This piece is of the character Lanna from two of the Harvest Moon installments: Island of Happiness and Sunshine Islands.

She was a challenge to draw as she has very long hair and slightly complicated clothes, which makes lining a challenge for me. But I think, it turned out nicely although I can definitely see a lot of room for improvement. It met the same dilemma for me that I seem to have with a lot of my art pieces – where my content-ness with my sketch doesn’t quite transfer to the final piece. Something about precise lines is something I struggle to have faith in and do well at. But, trying to be reasonable – I can at least see that as a point of, “hey, I know where to focus on improving next”.

I used Manga Studio 5 to complete this piece, as well as my Wacom Intuos Draw (small). I really enjoy the art software, and jump between it and Paint Tool Sai, depending on which I want to practice with, but I will admit that now I’m trying to work on more complicated pieces, I’m seeing the limitations of the “small” tablet size. I do attempt to work around it though.

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