Manga Studio 5: Harvest Moon Fanart – Tina

Tina~ by Hollypop1993 on DeviantArt

Today I want to get back to updating you guys on my art portfolio, as that’s another habit aside from my usual beauty blogging, that’s fallen out of my habit. I’m a huge fan of Harvest Moon games, and this piece features Tina from Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, on the Nintendo 3DS. She’s a cheerful and active character, and although my experience with poses was (and still is) quite limited, I did want to try and show that throughout the piece.

I tried to add more detail to the hair, but I think that got lost in the colouring process as I was far too subtle in the shading. My later pieces are definitely improving upon this, but in reflection, I can really see how lacking and scared I was of saturated shading. I’m tempted to re-colour this piece, but that will be for a later date, as I do have other projects in mind I want to focus on first. However, her bright colour palette did push me out of my comfort zone a bit as I tend to prefer working with darker tones, so I’m grateful for earning that experience.

I think with this piece is where I started to see certain habits with drawing eyes start to become more repetitive, although my style has grown even further. Particularly in regards to drawing winged eyeliner for female characters – probably sub-consciously linking back to my interests in makeup, right?

The program I used was Manga Studio 5, although it is better known as Clip Studio Paint. I have copies of both programs, but I prefer the interface of Manga Studio 5 right now, so that’s why I haven’t used the more up-to-date version.

The tablet I was using at the time was the Wacom Intuos Draw, in the Small size. I have since replaced my tablet for a display tablet, but there a couple more art pieces to go before then.

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