Manga Studio 5: Harvest Moon Fanart – Ann

Hollypop1993 Ann Fanart

Getting back into updating my art portfolio, I want to share this piece. This is Ann from Harvest Moon: (More) Friends of Mineral Town, who also featured in the Harvest Moon: DS (Cute) games as well. You can view this on my DeviantArt page here. I drew this back in February 2017, and even to this day, this is on of the pieces I’m most proud of.

At the time I was using my Ugee HK1560 display tablet, which I’ve since replaced, but it was a decent display tablet but lacked express keys I personally find really valuable. I replaced it with the Gaomon PD1560, so the same size tablet, but has express keys which has made a lot of difference for me. I plan to review the tablet in detail, but I want to get more experience with it first.

I used Manga Studio 5 as my art program for this piece, which I’m a huge fan of. Manga Studio 5 is now outdated, as Clip Studio Paint is it’s successor, but I have a disc version of Manga Studio 5, so I switch between both programs depending on which I feel works best for me.

As far as my process goes, I feel like at this time I was still really too scared in the shading department. I’m still working on this in my current pieces, but this was also impacted by my display tablet being poorly calibrated for colour display. By this I mean, my shading seemed more intense when drawing on the tablet, but when viewed on other monitors – in spite of me monitoring this throughout the drawing process – it just appears really down played. For me, this is really obvious on the eyes, and the hair shading, as the eyes and hair appeared much more saturated and contrasting when I was drawing on the tablet, but when I look at it now on my main monitor, it doesn’t appear that way. This is a lesson I’m slowly learning and getting used to.

In terms of what I’m happy about my piece, I found myself really content with how I drew the eyes, and it’s a style I’ve since been trying to make consistent, but I’m struggling. I like the large, exaggerated shape, but they don’t appear too exaggerated that it’s uncomfortable, at least to me. As someone who tends to look at my own art work and just cringes, this is a huge step forward for me. Another improvement I found from myself was the hair tie: I find folds and flows of clothes to be really tricky. I can visualise in my head how it should look, but transferring that onto the page is an obstacle for me. This time, I think it looked quite nice, although the shading leaves room for much improvement. It’s a small victory though.

Overall, I really like how this piece turned out. I’m slowly but surely creating my own style. I’m just a slow learner for how to handle the digital obstacles.

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