Manga Studio 5: Harvest Moon Fanart – Leia the Mermaid

Leia the Mermaid Bust by Hollypop1993 on DeviantArt

Adding another piece to my art portfolio: I recently completed a fanart piece of Leia the Mermaid from Harvest Moon: DS and DS Cute. I think she’s a very cute and sweet character, and drawing such a vibrant piece, both in personality and colour palette, was a lot of fun. I completed this on-stream on my Twitch channel, which was a lot of fun.

Her bright green hair was really challenging to shade and highlight as I didn’t want to lose too much of the vibrancy of the colour or her personality as a result. Her purple eyes was really fun, particularly with my fondness for purple as a colour. I definitely feel the line-art wasn’t the best but it is still a sign of improvement compared to some of my earlier pieces. As far as the blush to her cheeks, it was tough to make it look as natural as possible while still making enough of a statement to add to her youthful and innocent character.

I used my Wacom Intuos Draw, small, graphics tablet for this piece, and the software I used was Manga Studio 5. I am gradually getting used to the software although I definitely have a lot more to learn.

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