Makeup Look: Subtle Autumnal

Makeup Look Autumnal

So for quite a while I’ve been trying to muster up the courage to try writing a different type of post that is otherwise extremely common on plenty of other beauty blogs. Those being the makeup tutorial/look posts. But I have to admit I don’t wear makeup a lot, and when I do, it’s so simple I haven’t found myself thinking it’s been worthwhile writing a post about it because I don’t think people will be interested in reading about it. However, today, in an attempt to lift my mood after a… ‘hectic’ weekend, I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone. So, here’s a look I tried out spontaneously today, which I think is very autumn/fall inspired look.

Makeup Look Autumnal

I’ll be the first to say this is a lot of face base makeup,  and a lot more than I would normally wear on a normal day. However, my skin has been breaking out quite a bit recently, and the coverage was much needed. Of course, before I begin, I go through my normal day time skincare routine, which means my face is cleansed, toned and moisturised properly. You can use a primer, but I personally applied my makeup straight after my skincare routine and didn’t feel it was necessary. The first product I used was my Makeup Revolution BB Cream Foundation in the shade “02 Pink Tone“. Not sure I agree it’s very pink toned, but it is definitely pale enough for my skin, and since I have a neutral undertone, this didn’t look out of place on my face. The coverage on this is quite light, and definitely tones down redness. For what the BB Cream couldn’t tone down, I used my Lush Colour Supplement in “Jackie Oates” which I then topped with the Revlon Color Stay Concealer in “01 Fair“. My Lush Colour Supplement is going to go out of date soon, so really I just wanted to try using it a bit since I forgot to use it for ages, and my Revlon Color Stay Concealer helped cover up what the Lush Supplement didn’t. I also used my Gosh CC Cream Illuminating Foundation in “01 Porcelain” to tone down the darkness under my eyes from significant lack of sleep, and because the formula is so light and watery, it blends reasonably well. Of course, if you’ve read any of my posts, you’ll probably know by now I have very oily skin, so I need a setting powder, so I used my Maybelline Matte Maker Mattifying Powder in the shade “10 Classic Ivory“.

Makeup Look Autumnal

The brows also need to be taken care of, since although I have thick dark hairs, sometimes they will shed or fall out just like the hairs on my head do, so I needed to fill them in and tame them. So to fill them in, I used my Eyelure Brow Pencil in the shade “No 10 Dark Brown” which I use to fill in the sparse areas. I’m trying to adjust the shape of my brows so they’re slightly straighter (I’m a huge fan of how they look on some of the K-Pop artists and it’s something I’ve been aspiring towards for months), although I admit I suck at filling in my brows. The set them place, since my brow hairs kind of have a mind of their own, I used my Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Styling Gel in the shade “003 Dark Brown“, which helps add some colour while also getting those cheeky hairs to sit still.

Makeup Look Autumnal

Moving on to the eyes, it’s important to prime the eyelids, so I used my Urban Decay Primer Potion, which is the original one. I used my Miss Sporty Quattro Eyeshadow in the palette “408 Smoky Rose“. Last week I sat down on my bed with all my makeup and decluttered it into what I kept, passed on/threw away and the ones I wasn’t sure about, and this palette was one of the things in my collection I couldn’t decide if I wanted to keep or not. So it’s because I’m going through a bunch of my makeup to test if I like it or not that I decided and remembered to use this. It’s a predominantly warm palette with the peachy orange shade on the top right, which I used all over my lid and slightly up into my crease, as well as a light wash along my lower lash line stopping just before my inner corner. The very sparkly grey colour on the bottom left I used along my crease from the outside to just above the centre of the lid, which added subtle definition. The dark purple on the bottom right I used on the outer corner to really deepen the eyes, and blended it down onto the outer lower corner of my lash line to add very subtle shape. The soft pink shade on the top left I then used to highlight my inner corners, and used it to blend out any harshness on the outer corners from the purple eyeshadow to give it that subtlety I need to feel confident enough to wear this look out.

Moving on to eyeliner, I use my trusty Dolly Wink Eyeliner in the brown shade, to line from the inner corner and slightly wing out the liner. How I do this really depends on the mood I’m in, sometimes I wing it up for a more dramatic look, sometimes I draw the line slightly drooping for a puppy eyed look. Today I opted to draw the wing so it’s kind of halfway – so it’s going to the side on an even line, making sure the wing isn’t too sharp or too blotchy so it looks friendly and cute. I know some makeup artists say not to do this – that a wing should always go up, but I find this looks okay anyway, but again, it’s based on personal preference.

For the eyelashes I opted for the Seventeen Maximum Volume Mascara in “Brown Black” which is the mascara I started using when I don’t want a waterproof formula. I only use one coat of this, and I find it helps to add some definition to my lashes. My eyelashes are naturally quite long, so I only needed and wanted the extra definition. Of course, if you want to use false lashes then by all means a subtle natural looking pair will look great, but I suck at applying them, and I find they don’t do any favours for me – while small eyelids are definitely not a negative feature, false lashes overwhelm my lids and rather than enhancing my eye makeup, I find its more distracting and annoying, plus making me look like I don’t have eyelids – again, not a negative feature, but not what false lashes should be doing. Makeup Look Autumnal Moving on to the cheeks, I opted for a soft pink blush, which is the Essence Silky Touch Blush in the shade “10 Adorable“. This shade is certainly adorable, although it was another I product I wanted to try out from my collection before deciding if I wanted to get rid of it. I still haven’t decided, so if you think it works for me then I’d love to know, and if it doesn’t look so flattering, I’d appreciate being (sensitively and politely) told too.

Makeup Look Autumnal

Finally the lips, this part of the makeup really helps define this looks as autumnal since the eye makeup is so subtle, and since I used a warm reddish purple on the eyes, I decided to use my Revlon Lip Butter in “Red Velvet” to work with the eyes. This colour is definitely more wearable for me since the shade has a slight glossy look to it, so not as intimidating as matte lip colour. The colour definitely looks darker in person than in my photos, but even so it’s not overpowering. Because of the slight shine, I think it works to not steal too much attention, and although this particular product needs plenty of reapplying throughout the day, I don’t really mind – I am terrible at using up makeup in time, so if it means actually using up a lipstick, then that’s fine with me since letting it go off is really upsetting and annoying.

Makeup Look Autumnal

For anyone interested in which makeup brushes I used, I used my Real Techniques Foundation Brush to blend out my BB Cream. My EcoTools Blush Brush for gently applying my blush, as well as the Eyeshadow Brush for applying the peach eyeshadow to my lids, and the pink shade for blending out my crease colours. The brush at the bottom I bought in TK Maxx and unfortunately the brand name has rubbed off a bit too much to read the name, but it’s my blending brush which I used to apply the crease colour and the purple for the outer corners.

Overall, I think this makeup look is okay. For a look I literally tried out spontaneously today, I think it turned out well since I was improvising. If you would like to see any reviews for any of the products I used, please let me know and I can certainly do that. At the moment I’m writing on my accord and don’t really know what you guys specifically want to read about, so don’t be nervous to shout out ideas.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it certainly is a long one today. If you liked this post and/or would like to see more makeup looks like this one or in this style of a post, please let me know, this is definitely a push out of my comfort zone, but I kind of like it! Plus it would be nice to know what you guys would like to read from me. I would love to have that kind of relationship with you guys.

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