Products I’m Passing On: September 2016, #2

Lip Products I'm Passing On

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I want to talk about the final half of my Products I’m Passing On from the month of September, which is where I took a hard look at my skincare and makeup collection and routines, and decluttered products that just didn’t quite make me happy. These products have their individual reasons for leaving my collection, and this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad products. But I do have a large collection for a casual wearer of makeup, and since I hope to move in with my partner in the coming months, I decided it was time to get things organised. This post is focusing on lip products, so let’s jump in!

Lip Products I'm Passing On

I want to start with liquid lip products first of all. The first two from my photo above are the NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquers. The two shades I’m decluttering are “203 Fidi Fuchsia” and “400 Big City Berry“. I love how these swatch on the back of my hand, but found these a bit tricky to work on my lips. “Big City Berry” was a really well-loved colour and suits my tastes nicely, but I found the formula a bit tricky to make work, and I have other liquid lip products I’m finding I like more. The fuchsia shade was a bit too bright on my pale skin and didn’t look quite as flattering.

The final one of my liquid lip products is from the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain line, in the shade “025 Cannes Crush“. I have other shades in my collection that I enjoy wearing, but this particular shade just didn’t look good on my pigmented lips. However, if you find you have paler lips, I think the colour will look more true to itself and worth considering, but on me, just looked like I don’t know how to apply it.

Lip Products I'm Passing On

Moving on to lipstick style of products, this is where my heart broke the most in terms of lip products to let go. First is the MUA Power Pout Colour Intense Tint & Balm, in the shade “Broken Hearted” (that moment where I just realise the connection I made in writing this opener…). The colour is lovely to swatch on my hand but I found it to not have enough pigmentation to show up flatteringly on my pigmented lips. The colour is soft and not overpowering, so I was a bit upset to find it didn’t look as nice on me.

Next is the NYC Cityproof Twistable Intense Lip Colour, in the shade “041 Ballroom Blush“. This was a really nice colour but I found the shade to pull a little too pink toned on me and was a bit too strong for my personal tastes. I think this will suit some people really nicely though, but I don’t have the confidence for it.

Sadly I felt compelled to pass on the Collection Lipstick from the Field Day spring collection in the shade “3. Fuchsia“. I found this particular shade of pink pulled too yellow-toned and just didn’t look nicely with my neutral skin tone, and made my teeth look more yellow. As you can expect I didn’t find this particularly flattering.

Finally from the lipstick portion, is the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in the shade “090 Sweet Tart“. The colour looks adorable and sweet when swatched on my hand, but on my pigmented lips, it feels like it’s a battle of one colour against the other. I was quite sad to remind myself how this didn’t quite look right on me, but I do have other lip butters in my collection that I like. If you’re interested, let me know if you’d like me to show you some of my lipstick collection for a future post.

Lip Products I'm Passing On

The final section are lipglosses, and are products I tend to find myself not buying often. I have long hair and find glosses more inconvenient than anything. Sticky hair from a face smacked by your hair on a windy day is not fun…

The first is the Maybelline Baby Lips Gloss in “35. Fab ‘n’ Fuchsia“. I love the colour and I think the packaging is adorable, but the scent of candy was so strong that I was extremely off-put by it. I don’t like the smell and can smell it on my lips, so I was very upset by it. I will let my Mum decide if she can work with this though, as she likes to wear lipgloss on special occasions.

Finishing this post, is the MUA Sheer Finish Lipgloss in “Just Incase“. I likely didn’t realise this when I bought it, but it does have shimmer in it which I do not personally like in a gloss, or in lip products generally. While I appreciate that “sheer” is in the name of the product, I found the gloss to be almost clear and not what I was looking for from this product. So I think this is another product my Mum can play with and decide if she likes it.

This ends today’s blog post, I really hope you enjoyed it. I won’t be posting any beauty related posts over the weekend, but I do have a couple more finished art pieces so if I get my butt in gear, those should be posted over the weekend. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it really means the world to me.

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