July Skincare Roundup/August Goals 2016:

I apologise for how late this post is being published – I was unwell most of last week, and then over the weekend I was away from my PC and all of my blogging resources, so it meant postponing until now to write and publish July’s skincare round up. If you want to read along with me on last month’s goals, here is a link to the blog post, so you can vaguely see what I’ll be referring to through out this post.

To kick things off, I can finally say that I’ve made use of a few of my sheet masks over the previous month, which I’ve been talking about doing since the start of 2016, I’m sure. I will show you the ones I have used in my Empties post which should be published on Wednesday. It was really refreshing to make use of them, and I definitely have a stash to work through. If you’re interested in seeing which ones I have, please leave a comment at the end of this post, and I will happily grab my camera/phone and start documenting them to share with you.

I’ll definitely own up to the fact that my goal of blogging more consistently isn’t really working just yet – with life being quite hectic behind the scenes, even when I’m organised to write, my mind is just so foggy that all of my ideas never seem like good enough quality ones to write and share. I don’t want to write blog posts just to write them, I want them to be the best quality I can make them too. However, this is something I’ll continue to work on, as I’m hoping a firm schedule and a notebook to jot ideas down on, will help me overcome those moments when having “blogger’s-block”… You know, it’s artist’s block, but for bloggers. I know, I’m not particularly funny, hehe.

My other goal from last month was to make use of the make up on the top of my make up drawers more often, which I’ll admit right now, hasn’t really worked. Not in the sense that making the top of my makeup drawers area as a “go-to space” for grabbing make up, but simply for the reason that with how humid and hot the weather has been the past couple of months, I have been wearing make very infrequently, and less than I normally do – and I don’t wear a lot anyway. I’m not sure how August’s weather is going to pan out, but I do want to make more use of last month’s goal when I do wear make up.

August Goals:

Moving on to fresh new goals for August, I want to add my sachet of clay masks to my on-going goal for using up sheet masks. I feel like this a realistic goal I can keep as I have a lot of mask sachets (Superdrug, you know you’re capturing us with your constant 3 for 2 deals) and each weekend I spend with my boyfriend, I can take one over and use prior to showering at his place. I’ve already trialed this a little bit last month, and found it to be a really nice habit that I could make. It would simply require me to remember.

I think the only other goal I want to remember throughout August is to actually make use of the cute little notepad I bought for writing down my observations for when I use skincare and make up products. The idea being I can make little bullet points or notes so that I don’t forget anything for when I write review posts and first impressions.

Otherwise, these are all of the new goals I want to set for this coming month, and I will report back more promptly next month on the progress I have made. Until my Empties post on Wednesday, take care, I love you all so much, and I wish you the greatest health and happiness.

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