July Empties 2020:

July Empties 2020

Happy Monday and a warm welcome to August! To kick off the new month, it’s time to sit down and have a chat about the products I finished up throughout the month of July. There aren’t lots this time around, but enough to talk about. So let’s jump straight in.

July Empties 2020

Starting with skincare, the first is the Revolution Skincare Niacinamide Tonic. I picked mine up from my local Boots for £10.00. It was an okay toner, although I didn’t see a dramatic difference in my skin, for better or worse. I don’t have any strong feelings either way. I did work through this bottle quite quickly, so my only gripe is that I’d be spending the £10.00 very frequently to keep this in my routine.

I finally kicked my butt into gear and finished another tube of the Superdrug Oat & Coconut Intensive Hand Cream. This is my favourite hand cream that I’ve ever tried, as it not only keeps my hands moisturised, but also helps treat the eczema that flairs up on my wrists. I’ve already repurchased 2 more tubes, as I don’t want to be without this product.

July Empties 2020

As far as makeup goes, I hit a large amount of pan on the No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder in ‘Fair‘. This is a product I stopped using as the only product left was at the very edges of the pan and my brushes were no longer able to pick it up properly. It’s a decent powder, and one I’d consider repurchasing, but I’m currently trying out the Airbrush Away Translucent Finishing Powder from the same brand. So I don’t feel like I’m in a rush to pick up another one just yet.

I didn’t so much “finish” this product, but it simply doesn’t work for me and I can’t pass it along in good conscience. This is the Natural Collection Waterproof Mascara, from Boot’s own-brand. I don’t wear mascara very often, but up until now, liked to have one on hand for occasions when I wanted to wear it. So this was my most recent attempt at finding a mascara to work for me.

It ultimately didn’t do much for my lashes, so I don’t plan to keep hold of it. I’m honestly happy to stop buying mascaras for the foreseeable future.

July Empties 2020

Finally we have a couple of miscellaneous products. The first is the Botanics Organic Cotton Facial Wipes, which I used to spot-clean my makeup brushes. These are great for that purpose, but they are very heavily scented and disagree with my nose.

Lastly, I used another of the Dead Sea Elements Dead Sea Under-Eye Treatment. These are sheet masks for the under-eyes, and I found these quite nice to use. I plan to review these in the future so I hope you’ll keep an eye out for that.

And that concludes all of the products I used up throughout July. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you soon.

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