July Empties 2019:

July Empties 2019

Happy 1st of August! Like with each new month, it’s time to round up the cosmetic products I’m emptied from the previous month. This is a mix of products that are part of my project pan – and I’ll point these out as we go – and other products from my makeup and skincare routines. So let’s jump straight in:

July Empties 2019

Starting with skincare, the first is a product that sadly isn’t a proper ’empty’ but one has expired. The Superdrug Calm Skin Soothing Facial Cleanser is one that sat in my benched cosmetics box for a while, while I worked through a different cleanser. I pulled this out again after passing on the cleanser I was testing out, and was disappointed to find it had expired during that time.

This is a really good cleanser though, and one I’ve reviewed in detail already. It’s a shame as I was looking forward to pulling this one back into my skincare routine, but this is on my mental-list of products to repurchase.

The second skincare product is one from my project pan, the Botanics All-Bright Refreshing Eye Roll-On. This is a product that sat in my desk’s drawer, and I grabbed this on my no-makeup days to touch-up when my eyes feel sore, dry or just want to feel a bit refreshed.

It’s a convenient size for my drawers, as it can sit horizontally in an organiser without knocking the top of the drawer. This isn’t the kind of product I depend on for being extremely moisturising for my eyes, but it’s great for touching up throughout the day.

July Empties 2019

I used a couple of sheet masks in July. I have a ridiculous stash of sheet masks, in spite of not using them often, and I’m aiming to work through them slowly but surely.

The first is the Dermactin-TS Lavender Collagen Sheet Mask. I have various boxes of their sheet masks in my stash, and you can find these fairly frequently in TK Maxx. I plan to do a first impression on this specific sheet mask in the relatively near-future, but after this one sheet, I do like it.

I worked through the second sachet of the Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask in the Manuka Honey variant. I have published a first impression on this mask, and as I said in that post, I planned to use them up. So this is the second sheet mask of the two I owned. Innisfree is not currently a fully cruelty-free brand, so their presence on my blog is because they’re products I bought long before I went actively cruelty-free. So I wanted to use these up to prevent excessive waste.

July Empties 2019

Moving to some slightly miscellaneous skincare items, the first is the Deep Action Mattifying Shine Control Papers. These are in my project pan, so I’m quite happy to see that I’m making progress. I have reviewed this product as well, so I won’t go into too much detail, but overall I’ve found these really handy in the humid summer weather we’ve had lately here in the UK. I’ve opened up the backup of this, so that partially vouches for this product.

It’s not unexpected that I’ve got another makeup wipe in here, and specifically this is the Superdrug Cleansing Facial Wipes for sensitive skin. I use these primarily to spot-clean makeup brushes. However, I have used them a couple of times on lazy nights to quickly take my makeup off, and it does a decent job. I wouldn’t do this regularly though, as I don’t think it removes everything. I’m currently working through the backup of this product as well, and I’m transitioning to biodegradable makeup wipes after I use it up.

July Empties 2019

Moving to makeup, the first empty is a sample size of the Benefit the Porefessional primer. For such a small tube, this has taken me months to use this up. I picked this up all the way back when I was still in university during a Christmas campaign where you could pick up 4 sample sizes for £10 if you picked up a little Christmas stocking as part of your purchase. I did two of these back in the day, with one set for myself to try out their products, and another as Christmas gifts for my mum. This is a product I intended to put in my project pan but completely forgot, so even though it’s not officially in it, I’m still proud of myself for working through it.

The Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect CC Eye Cream in ‘21 Ivory‘. This is a product that is in my project pan, so I’m really proud of myself for eventually using this up. It was really surprising and satisfying to finally hit the end where it just clicked but nothing dispensed. This is a product I’ve reviewed already, so I encourage you to give it a read. Bourjois are not currently a cruelty-free brand, so it’s a relief to move this out of my collection now, although they are a brand I can’t wait to eventually go cruelty-free.

July Empties 2019

Every now and then I try out mascaras to see if I can find one that will work my oily eyelids and stubborn eyelashes. I have a backlog of a lot of non-cruelty-free brands, and the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara is one them. This is in the shade ‘001 Black‘, and sadly it flakes off my eyelashes. This isn’t safe to pass along because of the close contact with my eyes, so sadly this is one that just needs to be thrown away.

Another project pan product is the NYX Epic Ink Liner in the shade ‘Brown‘. I’ve used this consistently since the beginning of April 2019, so I feel like it’s lasted a decent length of time. It’s reached a point lately where it applies pigmentation inconsistently, so I decided it was time to move on. This is another product I’ve reviewed, and is one I’d consider repurchasing.

July Empties 2019

Onwards to the last section, I’ve decided it was time for the GOSH 3-in-1 Hybrid Eyes in the shade ‘001 Sand‘ to go. It’s started to dry out and isn’t performing as well as it used to, which is really unfortunate as I barely made a dent in it and I used it every single time I wore makeup as an eyeshadow base. So with that in mind, this isn’t one I’m going to repurchase as I would rather spend my money on longer lasting products. However if you are intrigued by this product, I have reviewed it. It’s possible you’ll get more use out of it than I did.

Finally, a lip colour I’ve decided isn’t safe to pass along is the L’OREAL Matte FX Lip Colour in the shade ‘007 Say My Name‘. I’ve used this about a dozen times trying to experiment with bolder lip colours, but I can’t quite get used to it. I think this would fit me better if it was a cool-toned red, but it leans slightly orange, which doesn’t quite look right on me. I have one more shade in my collection that I plan to test out during the autumn and winter. L’OREAL aren’t a fully cruelty-free brand, as you’re likely aware, and these lip products are ones I picked up long before I went actively cruelty-free.

This concludes my empties for the month of July. Every month I seem to be surprised by how many products I end up using up, as this month isn’t an exception. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, it means a lot to me to receive your support. I hope you are happy and healthy, and I’ll speak to you again soon.

July Empties 2019

Edit: I forgot to photograph and include this even though I set it aside, but I also used up the Essence of Beauty Lilies & Freesia Fine Fragrance Mist. This is another project pan product, and one of my purchases during my trip to Canada and America back in 2016. I have reviewed this product as well, so I encourage you to give it a read. I’m now working through a new fragrance, which is really exciting!

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