January Goal Roundup/February Goals:


So January has felt like it’s flown by… With the new year and my trip to Canada (with my partner moving to the UK) the entire month has felt like it just rushed past me and was gone before I knew it. So, all the rush has meant I haven’t had a calm start to establish new routines and such, so this has really affected my skincare routine and the condition of my skin.

To start off the year, I was making a positive start on my goals that I outlined in my 2016 Goals post, where I was really taking better care of my skin, and occasionally remembering to spot-treat like I had outlined I wanted to do. My skin wasn’t in terrible condition, although the late nights and the stress of planning trips and working long weekends was starting to take its toll. It didn’t help that the weekend prior to me flying out to Canada I was ill and nearly had to consider cancelling the trip altogether.

My skincare routine was then disrupted when it came to travelling since I wasn’t going to bring all of my full-size skincare products in my luggage. I’ll share my skincare routine for my Canada Trip in a separate post, but the basic gist of it is that instead of worrying about my oily skincare needs, I adjusted to anticipate the colder and drier weather making my skin change from my normal oil/combination skin type to be much drier and even more sensitive than usual. My skin changed as I anticipated, although I was also not expecting needing a much heavier moisturiser which I didn’t have at hand.

For the end of the month, my skin gradually eased back into it’s normal oily habits again, although I have had tonsillitis since returning home to the UK and other symptoms you’d associate with a cold or the flu, so my skin is still on its way back to normal.

February Goals:

Since my skin during January has been a bit here-there-and-everywhere, my initial aims for the month are to help ease my skin back to it’s normal self as comfortably as possible. The mixture of Canadian weather and then getting ill has left my skin dehydrated and tired, so my plans are to nourish my skin more often with masks and serums, and use this as a chance to see which methods work best for me.

Once my skin is back to it’s normal self, I am looking forward to re-establishing my routine since I don’t have any plans for travel any time soon, which should mean I shouldn’t have any disruptions. This should also include my initial January goal for spot treating my acne, although I’m hoping that aside from the pesky hormonal stuff, my skin shouldn’t need too much of it.

Although it’s not directly skincare in the sense of products to use, I have plans to re-organise my skincare in how I store and display it so that I can find my products more easily, and this should mean I can have a faster turnover with the products I buy. I’m sure I’m not the first to admit this, but my desk/vanity is an organised chaos, but recently, with my partner staying with me while he gets set up in his own flat, it’s meant I’ve had little time to really revamp my personal space. But now that things are gradually settling down, I’m finding more time to get things sorted.

These are the goals I have set for the next month, and I will report how things go at the start of March where I will reflect and then set new goals. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it truly means the world to me, and I look forward to posting again very soon.


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